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  1. That fly has a complex body. I always have a hard time with squirrel hair, in one color.
  2. Thanks Silver Creek for your very informative replies. I would have loved to see Royce tie!
  3. By all means post your flies, SSqueeze. Seeing them on line serves as a impetus to keep improving.
  4. I notices some inconsistency in Vevus, it seems. It seems very similar in size to Uni 8/0. Vevus seems stronger but less easy to handle, maybe. Norm, you probably know more than any of us, but I think you are right. BTW, I got some nano silk to try, but haven't tried it yet. I have had it for a while, just sitting in my thread box.
  5. I was at Woods Hole for a month once. Could not get enough of that chowder.
  6. If it is due to abuse, I hope the abuser gets worse. If an accident, God bless. God bless the child anyway, and you for helping. Reading th e news here in Oregon was depressing enough...
  7. Your historical information for these Michigan flies is very interesting. Thanks for posting it.
  8. I have to say that I have been very pleased with my experience with Green Caddis Outfitters hooks. Thanks for the tip. I just bought several packs. I explained to my wife how much I saved and she was "thrilled."
  9. I would rather have moths than moth balls.
  10. I would recommend silk over cotton thread. Don't underestimate peacock herl for sparkle or glow or whatever it does. I mostly tie with natural materials other than thread. I use a good bit of metal tinsel, and some mylar. Check out the book "Good Flies" by John Geirach.
  11. I also think that tying the wing in front might help keep the wing from collapsing in current. According to Bates that is why Western streamers have cocked up wings and Easter streamers have flatter wings.
  12. Does this give a more realistic profile in the water? Appears that it might.
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