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  1. Denduke, what are those made from?
  2. Being a vegan in New Orleans is illegal, isn't it?
  3. Yeah Chug, you win prettiest set up by far. Happy wife happy life. Be sure and vaccun when you finish. Do you fish for Redfish ? I am originally from MS and always enjoyed NOLA. My stepson went to Loyola.
  4. This is one of the coolest ideas that I have seen. Kudos!
  5. Mine are on the way. Finally. We haven't had power for 5 days. Power was just restored. Just getting caught up on some stuff.
  6. I like Indian capes fine for wet flies. Good score
  7. I like this thread. I grew up in North Mississippi where the name of the game was crappie and catfish. My Grandfather fished with minnows and jigs. My Dad would fish to be social, but much preferred hunting and guns. My Grandfather died when I was 10. My Dad and I would fish for catfish a few nights but we mostly hunted together. In college I had some friends who were pretty good Bass and Crappie fishermen. We had fun with spinning gear. I never picked up a fly rod until my late 20s. A yellow eagle claw with worms or popping bugs. I loved catching bluegill. I joined a corporation and moved to Oregon, Florida, Colorado, back to Oregon, lower Alabama, back to Florida, back to MS and now back to Oregon. I loved every minute. I didn't really get into fishing until I turned 40. Now it is sort of an obsession. I took my first fly tying class from Charlie Craven. I learned a lot from Mark Noble. I took some saltwater tying classes at the Church Mouse in Fairhope, AL. I took casting lessons from Tim Rajeff. So I got into this after I could afford decent stuff and instruction. I have collected a ridiculous amount of stuff. Both gear and feathers and fur. My daughters fly fish some, and go with me when life doesn't get in the way. They also like plastic worms fishing. I am not a purist. I got into Bass fishing with plastic worms, in a big way, too. From my kayak. But fly fishing and tying are my favorite pass times.
  8. Welcome. I am your vintage, too. We have some young guys who are excellent tiers. I like soft hackles, too. They haven't run me off yet, so you won't be asked to sit on your hands. Some of the old guys are amazing tiers and share their knowledge. Mike is into panfish and ties some simple, effective patterns. He claims to be cheap.
  9. Agee. However, speed is a goal for me. I tie when I have time and need to make it count. While techniques are not new, they are new to me.
  10. General Practitioner variant. Developed by Sir Esmond Drury.. They are all coming out a little different. This is stretching me as a tier.
  11. I keep messing with the pattern. Added a seal dubbing veil on some.
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