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  1. I use those hooks sometimes for Bass flies. Nice flies.
  2. I will join. Bream flies. But I ain't drinking no Corona beer! That is just beer flavored water.
  3. You guys are intimidating. All are good. I love the quill bodies. I have a display with some tied by A K Best. I am going to tie some worms for local bluegill. Never tried them before.
  4. Mine too, Mark. When I took her out in kayaks, the gators spooked her.
  5. Glad they arrived. As I said, kind of a mixture.
  6. Nice fly. Kind of like a Hippie stomper. I really like that type of fly as an indicator. For trout I sometimes use a large Elk Hair Caddis.
  7. We are trying to fill out a nymph and trout buzzer swap. We need more tyers. If you haven't joined a swap before, they are fun.
  8. Matk, is that colored resin? I am having trouble with resin. I seem to over do it. Your stuff is spot on, to me. Scott, Kimo, and Flytier, amazing work as always.
  9. Thanks. I like the curve of his. Have tied several on his irons. Have not seen any McNeese hooks in hand, but photos appear quite similar to Alec Jackson hooks.
  10. That is amazing. It took me years to get half that good. I'm half that good now! She has a good sense of proportion.
  11. I am going to try to find my wire and make a Brassie or wire midge, too.
  12. Maybe we should have a favorite dessert swap!
  13. They closed the liquor stores here. You can get Beer at grocery stores.
  14. DarrellP

    Covid 19

    The governor shut down the reservoir. I live on the rez, so that hurts. This is two years in a row, as an invasive plant species was being killed last year and they had to keep boats from spreading it. The rez had to be shut down because kids were congregating on sand bars and doing what kids do. Fishing should be good next year. I have access to some other lakes. Just have to drive a little ways.
  15. In the mail. Hodge podge of various flies.
  16. We could all tie two different ones. You're the boss.
  17. My worry is that if follow my diet and forgo the things I like, I will get hit by a bus. Then it would be all for nothing. Or, maybe if I followed my diet I would be fast enough to get out of the way. Dilemma
  18. Masks work more to cut down on the wearer's ability to spread the bug. Think about it logically. Surgeon's wear masks to protect the patient. Wearing a face covering will help if everyone wears one. The bad news is that they are not all that effective. Every little bit helps.
  19. DarrellP

    Covid 19

    I thought we could share if anyone has experienced it in their family or anything else to share. Please nothing political. Share EXPERIENCES, not OPINIONS. Are you quarantined, out of TP, been to a hospital, or what? We have a stay at home order, but we are considered essential. So I still get to work. Glad to have income, but worried. I have around 40 employees.in a 24 hr animal ER. I am responsible. We wear gloves, and masks, go get animals from the car. Nobody comes in from outside past our vestibule. Going to start having no overlap between shifts, to limit spread should an employee get it.. Other vet practices are closed early, so we are hammered. Trying to do all I can. I have one employee who was exposed and she is in home isolation. Waiting to hear. We are a teaching hospital , but students were sent home 6 weeks ago. FEMA or MEMA may take our protective equipment if they need it..
  20. Stay home, stay six feet apart, wash your hands, take tylenol. That is all we have.
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