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  1. I went to a postal Annex type of place and had them mail my flies. They came back to me last night for insufficient postage. I am very frustrated. Will mail them overnight from the post office tomorrow.
  2. Rocco summed it up well.
  3. I think the term "Spey" has been bastardized to mean any fly with long, flowing hackles.
  4. Blue eared pheasant. Duck flank. Hen hackle. Marabou. Chemically burned feathers.
  5. Get Veverka's book on Spey flies. It is very helpful. Also, check out McPhail's videos. I am trying to start with some, as well. They aren't simple, just sparse.
  6. Scott, as they say, "you got it going on" with Muddlers and Bumbles.
  7. Love soft hackles. Fish do, too
  8. I am a vet. I have a lot of chances to get hair. However, I am getting a kick out of using hair from my dogs and feathers from my chickens.
  9. Bdngrd, did you find the parachute foam post were easier to work with on parachutes? Intrigued
  10. Philly, can you explain how you made a keel, please?
  11. Mine are going out on Monday. Thanks for hosting.
  12. Posting the Kreb's Cycle brought back some unpleasant memories from veterinary school. I had not seen it in 30 years.
  13. I need your address. I tied some Lake sedge flies based loosely on Brian Chan's pattern. I also tied some October Caddis wet flies.
  14. I will contribute some after I get moved in.
  15. I have a rolling briefcase. When I go visit the kids or whatever, I can take along a good bit.
  16. No. I was wondering if anyone was doing this. I will participate if anyone is connected to one of these groups and needs flies.
  17. If any of you are helping gather flies next year for a fishing healing group, now would be a good time to let us know. It will soon be a bit cold for fishing for some areas, and it would be a good time to tie some up.
  18. I added hair from my dogs to make the wings on these. The dark fly has hackle from one of my Wyandotte hens. Top fly Size 4 Diachi SS hook Black 8/0 Uni thread Black Chenille body. Copper wire rib. Hen hackle. Wing: Shih tzu Bottom fly Size 4 Diachi SS hook. Black 8/0 Uni thread. Abdomen blue metallic embroidery thread. Thorax: blue FTD Arctic snow dub Palmered with Blue rooster hackle Blue dyed Guinea collar Wing: white Shih tzu hair
  19. Simplified SRC/ Steelhead fly. Size 4 Diachi SS hook Black 8/0 Uni thread Gold metallic embroidery thread body Thorax: Amber Arctic Snow dub (FTC) Brown Grizzly Hen collar
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