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  1. Learn to tie one type really well and find a niche, like wet flies, that you don't see much. There is a bigger market for jigs, I would think. Not trying to discourage you at all. You will have to find a way to distinguish yourself. Better, faster, cheaper. 2 out of three of these traits. That is what a shop owner would look for. By faster, I mean I am out of Lime trudes and need 4 dozen tomorrow. That kind of thing.
  2. Cream, your work is so clean. Great work everyone.
  3. Yeah, you don't have much to look forward to.
  4. There are a lot of uses with soft hacles, drawn legs, etc.
  5. The OP fly looks like a black version og Silvey's super sinker.
  6. Yeah. We haven't had Wooly Mammoths around here since we were kids.
  7. Those will be worth a wait! One day ain't gonna matter.
  8. I will use this quote with my clients.
  9. Yes, and yes. A good point is that your baitfish streamer may appear wounded to the predator. It looks cool.
  10. Thanks. It sinks. I put lead wraps in the middle. That is moose mane. I have caught Bream, Bass and Buffalo on it.
  11. They are amazing flies. I didn't realize that he was in MT.
  12. My two cats just got on my dresser and knocked over a lamp and other things. Then they acted like it was my fault, of course.
  13. Those should be sturdy. Feather Craft used to sell foam with slits that was great. I have also used mouse pads with slits cut in them.
  14. Could be something for laying out on a rod or handle.
  15. I have caught a lot of species on this pattern. Bass, Bluegill, Redear, Trout, Chinook.
  16. Yeah Mike, old people need to stay in and tie flies.
  17. I wonder if you can dye it. Long streamers?
  18. Good for alot. Several Salmon and Steelhead flies use the tails. Also, Zonkers, meat whistle. Whitlock squirrel nymph.
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