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  1. Yes. Lived there for 6 yrs before. Good job move for me. I like it there, but the rain gets old in El Nino years. I will look for that book. Looking forward to dusting off the Spey rod.
  2. This is all good. I am moving to Oregon in June. Took a new job there.
  3. I had not noticed that. Good to know. Thanks
  4. Tecnically, "quarantine" is confining someone who may have been exposed and could get sick and transmit the disease. A boat crew coming into port with the crew forced to stay at home is the classic example. "Isolation" refers to someone being confined because they are sick. I guess we are quarantined because we might have it. I guess this is a form of quarantine, to attempt to protect ourselves from catching it, and get the transmission rate below 1. Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon that black people are getting it because they are poor and lack medical access. I cannot help but wonder if there is a genetic issue at play. Similar to the fact that Asians are more prone to liver cancer, etc. Anyway, I plan on fishing tomorrow, by myself. In my kayak.
  5. I miss those days. Kids are grown and too busy to have me any grandkids yet. Great job. Cute grandkids!
  6. Very professional looking. Of course, the fish I catch wouldn't fit in it.! Yeah, right.
  7. Start with squirrel tail or feather wings
  8. Great, we are building up. I am putting together a trout/sunfish attractor type box.
  9. I would like some decals, hat or tshirt.
  10. I agree with the posts on here. Just getting started with their stuff, but I like it. I like their eyes, too
  11. I have been happy with UNI thread. I got some Danville last month because they were out of UNI. It is fine, too. I guess I an not too picky. Don't use anything smaller than 8/0 or 70 d.
  12. Chug, my all time favorite dry fly.
  13. Nice! Those Rusty Rats are cool. Niveker, a lot of the old Steelhead flies were on down eye hooks. Not sure when they changed, but the best I can tell is that trout guys used down eyed and Salmon guys used Salmon hooks. Of course, during the war years they probably used what they could get..
  14. Just the facts, Sir. I am gong to try a loop similar to were you have the line coming out., and do a loop to loop. It may tangle. We'll see. I generally catch 6 to one on the nymph. Unless it's muddy, then they hit the top more.
  15. We need some people to join the fly box swap Samson Boi is hosting. While you are at home making your wife nuts, you could be tying.
  16. Mark, it has been fun watching your flies improve. You're a busy man.
  17. Took me a few days to get to the post office, but they are on their way.
  18. You're welcome. Old Chico Fernandez pattern. Popular in Louisiana and FL for redfish, etc. I think Salmon and Steelhead would like them. Slow sinking.
  19. Front edge of wing feathers are biots. Used for tails or wings, as in a stone fly nymph, Copper John, or Prince. Wrapped up the body for quill dries or nymphs if long enough. The other side makes wing slips on some wet fly patterns and Muddler as stated before. Squirrel makes great tails and streamer wings, but it is slick and doesn't compress much. Takes some getting used to. Look through the site. Great ideas. Norm also has a great website. Flytyingnewandold.com. for patterns. Have fun!
  20. Welcome. Join a swap. That is a good way to learn and get to know people. These guys are great.
  21. The bream here sometimes like a hard splat with the hopper. I screwed up a cast and it hit too hard. I almost picked up to recast, but a big one hit it. I started doing that intentionally and caught a bunch. That day they never hit my dropper. It was muddy.
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