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  1. Very clean. The tail appears to be marabou. What are the wings and throat materials? Also curious about the head.
  2. There was a study I read (sorry, don't remember where), that showed that Liquid Fusion actually out lasted epoxy on freshwater poppers. I don't know about toothy critters or Salt.
  3. Interesting that several of these posts include the color red. I know red is a big deal fishing for Bream, too. To me, Brookes are a lot like Bream, at times. One day I want to go Labrador to fish for the big uns.
  4. Having had a couple wives, three daughters and work with 40 women, I have to agree. Lol
  5. Yes. Dave McPhail has some amazing videos. Superb Terry and Roxanne Wilson, Hidey, Leisinring, Bosworth (Coachman), Wilson (Professor), Skues I have to say that Sawyer, Bosworth, Blessing, Halladay, Gapen, Wilson, Gartside, Kreh, Peckinpaugh, and Clouser have influenced me the most. I use their flies all the time.
  6. I saw a video on the FFI website showing the use of bird fur in a shrimp pattern. Sorry, but I haven't the skill to post a link.
  7. E H Peckinpaugh for Bream poppers. Dave Whitlock.
  8. The question is, why are the Russians stealing your x and y?
  9. Seems like some people try to find a trigger, such as rubber legs, hot spots, Peacock herl, etc. Some try to match the hatch. Seems like Warm water tying is focused on triggers, Trout and Salt mostly match the hatch. Smallmouth Bass tying blurs the line. For fishing flies, do you guys find yourself matching the hatch or focusing on triggers? Do you agree with my thoughts or am I making a distinction where there is not one? Sometimes I read and think too much...
  10. Seems like some tiers saw something that the rest missed and came up with something that changed fly tying in a major way. For example Clouser(Minnow with lead eyes), Blessing (Wooly Booger), Gapen (Muddler). Who do y'all see as the true pioneers of our sport that impacted you?
  11. I tied some of those and almost took my head off. Definitely need an open loop! Those are really nice.
  12. DarrellP


    Purple is the best Bass worm color, IMHO.
  13. Those are really cool! I love re-purposed stuff
  14. Some of you guys tie like Durer painted. Mine look more like a Picasso, with parts misplaced and at weird angles.
  15. I have been working on wet flies, both winged and spiders. Man, I love those. Time to tie some hopper type flies and poppers for Bream. Last year I got on a Bass fishing jag and never fly fished for Bream.
  16. Your work continues to improve with each post. Your sense of proportion and hackling, in particular.
  17. Met Dennys at a show in OR and bought some flies. His stuff works.
  18. Echo makes a good starting point. Be sure to get a WF line. Get a general WF. You don't need a species specific line. If you think you will be tangling with Bass often, maybe a 6 wt would be good. For Panfish, a 5 wt is great. If you are targeting LMB, you really need an 8 to get them out of the vegetation. Tom McGuane told the truth when he said you only need a 5 and 8 wt to catch any freshwater or inshore fish in the lower 48. That being said I bought a very fast St Croix several years ago that took me years to get where I could cast at all. When I broke it, they replaced it . The new one is great! I can cast about any rod, but some are dogs. All of the posts above offer good advice. Ultra fast rods or super soft rods are hard for a beginner. A medium or MF is more forgiving, believe me.
  19. I am no expert. There are two things most of us struggle with: proportions and clean, small heads. One of my mentors, the late Mark Noble, looked at some flies that I tied and gave me some great advice: "Those flies are gonna catch fish, but don't you want to tie some flies you can show to people. Your heads are ugly." Once I got over the shock, I saw what he was saying. My flies still have questionable, but better heads. Criticism, especially online, can feel harsh. The fact that someone is responding usually means they care and are trying to genuinely help. You are getting better, but most of us need to keep improving. Except Eide. Damn him, his stuff is perfect.
  20. I watched Clouser tie a couple weeks ago at an expo. There are a lot of subtle things he does. He leaves his flash about 1/4 to 1/2 inch past the wings. Your flies will fish. I recommend his videos. He has thought out a bunch of little things that are not easily picked up. Every step is thought out.
  21. Looks very similar to the one Umpqua version. Why did you post this in the beginner's forum? This looks pretty advanced to me.
  22. Not a bad fly at all. I have trouble getting the hackle right on mine. Yours looks better than mine, and I have good hands and do surgery .
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