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  1. Clouser said the Bucktail wing makes it turn over. The eyes should be 1/3back. Post the peakock one, if you can, please.
  2. DarrellP

    First Car

    69 El Camino, so ugly it was cool. I sold it and bought it back 4 years later, so I owned it twice. Finally sold it again. Had to clean a fouled plug every 100 miles or so. That thing was fast, but front heavy. When it rained you couldn't stop it in a 40 acre field.
  3. The writer and fisherman Thomas McGuire (The Longest Silence) said that with a 5 wt and an 8 wt you can fish for every fish in the US in freshwater and inshore.
  4. Those flatwing are beautiful. I tend to use a good many saltwater ties for bass. Alpha Predators seem to eat minnows and crustaceans, so I guess that's why they work.
  5. Royal Wulff, hands down. They always fell for it in CO.
  6. Has anyone tried a Rhode flatwing on LMB? Seems the action would be similar to a plastic worm.
  7. I posted that I lost my hackle pliers. Found them right after I got home with my new ones I just bought.
  8. This is really bad when a fish grabs it. Been there.
  9. I also use forceps and fish a hopper or popper/dropper service up.my most effective flies are a cajun coachman, McGinty, or black nymph.
  10. I agree. Nice Caddis! What is the recipe?
  11. I had the good fortune to meet AK (although he would not remember it) and I purchased a number of his flies. His books are, as stated above, from a working, professional's point of view. They drove me crazy at times. His seemingly effortless tying requires a tremendous amount at the vise to even become halfway proficient with, at least for me. To me, he sets the standard, along with Bob Clouser, of a practical fly tying that is at the same time elegant and useful. He blurs the line between artistic tying and practicality.
  12. I noticed in a previous topic that someone mentioned using longer hooks for Bream to aide in unhooking. Does ànd one use a "cricket hook"? Seems like you could tie one similar to a tarpon fly. I am gonna try it.
  13. Quite a production. Thanks for the detailed post.
  14. I have really liked feather craft furled leaders. They help turn over poppers. They have one made for Bass bugs.
  15. Mike, thanks for deleting lame arguments. Having my tinsel break at the base when I start to wrap it.
  16. Very imitative. Would work here in the south.
  17. I think the amount of material depends on forage shape. Tie on.
  18. I will try to post a picture later. I got some soft hackle feathers, some blue marabou for my brother in law, and a tying book. Got to see Ed Engle tie a size 32 dry fly. Also joined FFI and listened to John Shane talk about wet fly history, and Henry Cowen talk about striped bass in fresh water.
  19. I went to The Fly Fishing Show, in ATL. Had a blast. It was worth the trip to watch Bob Clouser tie a minnow. Great seminars and displays. Well worth the trip.
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