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  1. You guys suck! My wife saw the photos. Now I have work to do.
  2. I have a real problem when I lose something. Drives me nuts. I can't find a fly reel, three hackle pliers, and some old waders. We moved several times and I swear there is a well outfitted moving guy. Nah, it's here somewhere.
  3. It appears that you have had more than your fair share of challenges. The fact that you are still at it is an inspiration. We have to play the hand we're dealt. It amazes me that people can have a few little problems and give up, while others, like you, soldier on. Good fly, by the way.
  4. Thanks for posting. Piker, would you consider posting some from the UK for comparison? This is very cool. I love fishing and tying soft hackles. Those are well done!
  5. Winner of the "if I could only fish one fly forever" contest. Good work!
  6. Amen. Other than a class, this is THE BEST WAY TO LEARN, IMHO.
  7. Sorry to hear that. God Bless you.
  8. Thanks for posting. The size depends on how fast you need for it to sink (for me). If I want it to sink slower and want a big eye, I switch to aluminum, or for no weight, clear cure glue eyes. I also use a lot of bead chain for slow sinking flies. We have a "shad hatch" here, and they stay on top at certain times of the year.
  9. I have an Echo 6 wt. Works well with my old Courtland 444 line. If you ever have a chance to take a casting class with Tim Rajeff, the owner of Echo, take it. When he casts it looks like a martial arts master.
  10. What method do you guys use to attach squirrel wings? It drives me a little crazy. I end up using a lot of wax and then superglue. I tried attaching it pointed forward and then bending it back like Ed Haas. No go for me. Evidently I can't spell this early. Could not edit the topic line. Hell, I went to Mississippi State. Go dawgs!
  11. Use small ponytail bands over spools to keep thread and tinsel from unraveling. Use accordion files made for checks to keep feathers etc filed and flat.
  12. If there are stone flies around, try a girdle bug or Brooks stone. Ugly, but effective. You need something light (GRHE), dark (PT), and a peacock nymph of some sort (half and half) Brassies work well, Wooly worms Squirrel nynphs.
  13. What do you cast it with, an 8 wt.? It should slay LMB.
  14. Buying something for a specific pattern, then getting home and not being able to remember what it was for.
  15. I had been looking at a recent Fly Tyer magazine at some wasps. I think your winging method would make them more anatomically correct. I like it.
  16. Nice. Are all of your nymphs bead heads?
  17. To each his own. I personally don't find it appealing. I admire craftsmanship, though.
  18. Losing stuff. I still can't find my hackle pliers.
  19. I agree with the niche idea. Tie something they can't get elsewhere. It also needs to be desirable, obviously. Big streamers, wet flies, deer hair poppers. Something high end. Just ask yourself why they should buy your flies. But remember, you may have to tie a gross of flies you hste.
  20. Thanks for posting this. Your flies are simple, precise, and consistent. Excellent
  21. Had a gator bump my kayak from underneath. Take my stringer of bream. I about capped myself. They are really not that dangerous. About two or three weeks in the spring, when bluegill are on beds, gators are breeding. They get ornery. If they start swimming back and forth, or obviously arching their back, paddle slowly away. The rest of the year they are shy. Bluegills and gators are breeding when Dogwoods are blooming. Dang, I sound like Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies.
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