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  1. What kind of wire? I like your flies.
  2. I am enjoying your steelhead flies
  3. I find myself either tying published patterns or variants of them. How about you?
  4. Is thr "Brassie" a midge/choronomid pattern? Never knew what they represented, but I caught a good many fish of various species on them.
  5. Perhaps similar to a Greased Liner by Harry Lemire
  6. Another cheap, I mean frugal trick is to put a computer mouse pad in a VHS tape box (remember those? You can get them at jumk stores and thrift shops). Cut sits in the mouse pads and glue inside the box.
  7. Mike, For you I will tie and post a fly I am working on called the Existential Angst. It will be simple using cheap materials for the proletariate. I will post soon.
  8. Is color a wavelength or a perception? It is blue if you define color from a painter's point of view, that is as a "perception." But as a scientist, not blue? Too deep for morning coffee drinking.
  9. I have a base I bought that is much less elaborate. I may try to add a base
  10. Just got some flexible UV cure resin.
  11. Thanks for commenting. I met you when you were demonstration tying at a tying show, several years ago. You stood out as a very friendly and informative tyer. You showed me how to palmer a feather with a rotating vise. Nice to have professional and famous tyers on this site.
  12. Reminds me of a joke: A man was stopped by a game warden for shooting Seagulls on a beach. The game warden told him it was illegal to shoot Seagulls. He said"I am just trying to feed my family" Game warden asks, "what do they taste like, anyway?" Man says "Like a Spotted owl, with a little bit of a fishy taste."
  13. Thanks for this information. I sometimes tie with found feathers. I want to get some legal polar bear to see what all of the fuss is about.
  14. I read recently that most European and Asian countries are in decline. Not sure I believe that. Sorry, way off topic. I believe I am going to read the book. The NPR piece on it was good.
  15. What did Lee Wulff say? Strawberry shortcake. I think peacock herl is magical for Trout, like rubber legs are for panfish and Bass. Not sure what Steelhead flies represent, especially the intruder style. I tie some classic Steelhead flies (daughter lives in OR ), and those look like minnows from a nuclear reactor. As Geirach said, streamer fishing makes you think fish have "bad taste."
  16. Beautiful work. I like the way you attached the vise. Where did you get the base for it that sits in the rail?
  17. Nothing wrong with white trash. My wife married some. I have a roll top. The best thing about it is that nothing can roll off the sides and back.
  18. I have a Brassie. I don't love it. I saw that someone had taken a large decorative wooden spindle about 6 inches long and drilled a hole in the end. May try that first, or the ballpoint pen.
  19. If you are going to rely on a computer file, back it up twice, on a thumb drive and in the cloud. Trust me. My tablet fried and I lost my thumb drive. I keep boxes of "masters", usually tied by someone else. Probably tied by some lady in the Philippines who makes a dollar an hour who has never fished. I also collect flies by people I respect like AK Best, Mark Noble, etc for reference. And my flies are poor approximations of them.
  20. Thanks for posting this fly. Love the style. And thanks for the link. Do you know what other language he titles with? Wondered if it is Gaelic.
  21. I threw up in my mouth a little after seeing that. Gonna quit fussing about my daughter's boyfriend. Actually he is okay for a left pinko commie labor union organizer.
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