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  1. I had been looking at a recent Fly Tyer magazine at some wasps. I think your winging method would make them more anatomically correct. I like it.
  2. Nice. Are all of your nymphs bead heads?
  3. To each his own. I personally don't find it appealing. I admire craftsmanship, though.
  4. Losing stuff. I still can't find my hackle pliers.
  5. I agree with the niche idea. Tie something they can't get elsewhere. It also needs to be desirable, obviously. Big streamers, wet flies, deer hair poppers. Something high end. Just ask yourself why they should buy your flies. But remember, you may have to tie a gross of flies you hste.
  6. Thanks for posting this. Your flies are simple, precise, and consistent. Excellent
  7. Had a gator bump my kayak from underneath. Take my stringer of bream. I about capped myself. They are really not that dangerous. About two or three weeks in the spring, when bluegill are on beds, gators are breeding. They get ornery. If they start swimming back and forth, or obviously arching their back, paddle slowly away. The rest of the year they are shy. Bluegills and gators are breeding when Dogwoods are blooming. Dang, I sound like Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies.
  8. Desk mounted magnifying glass
  9. I think everyone has a different opinion. If you liked the one you had, get another one like it. Good scissors, bodkin, ceramic bobbin, +/- bobbin threader, whip finisher or hackle pliers. A dubbing twister if you need it. You can make a bobbin threader and bodkin. Sorry to hear of your injury. Good luck!
  10. I use Liquid Fusion with good results. There was a study on here somewhere showing that it held up as well as epoxy. Going to try some acrylic glaze from art supply to compare the glossiness.
  11. Chug bug 27, get some bug spray, long sleeve and long pant quick drying clothes, sunscreen hat, buff, and pay attention to gators and snakes! I am trying to find an AC for my boat.
  12. Poppers, size 1 ro 2. LMB. They will hit anything with dangle stuff on it (rubber legs). I use Clousers, rabbit strip flies, Wolly Buggers, and Blondes. Some Seaducers. My inshore salt and Bass flies are the same. If they are deeper than 4 feet I use a casting rod with plastic worm ot jig.
  13. Do you ever tie them upside down to make them more weedless?
  14. How do you attach them to the hook?
  15. Thanks for the replies. So Mike, is that American raccoon or Finn? Is it roadkill, trapped/hunted, or store bought. I bought some fox tail on line, and have a hunter killed coyote tail that let's just say is Musky. My dogs and cats go nuts when I use it. Gonna tie some foxy Clouser flies. I digress. I fish a lot of hopper dropper, or popper dropper. The muddied the water, the better the top fly is. I muffled a cast and the hard splat resulted in hook ups. Repeatec. Saved my day. At least on that day. I guess I figured Bluegills have small mouths, so a weed guard would be a fish guard. Gonna try some Charlie type flies.
  16. What size blades are those? I tried some that were too big, with miserable results and dang near took my ear off! User error, plus poor design on my part.
  17. 1. Go to a neurologist and get appropriate diagnosis and treatment. 2. Learn to love streamers or Bass fishing. Getting "seasoned" can suck. I have CSS, and CRS. Can't remember S.... At least I can enjoy re-watching favorite movies, if I can remember their names.
  18. What did you use for the actual point? How did you attach it? Very cool
  19. Does the yarn or floss tangle when you use it from the bag?
  20. If I want an offset hook, I use plain shank bait hooks.
  21. Most dreams seem foolish. You spend your day doing something, even if it's chasing women and drinking. I am convinced that some people can make money regardless of what they go into, while others can inherit a fortune and go broke. I think business acumen is usually more important than your chosen job or business. Another very necessary thing for success is having a spouse that "gets it."
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