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  1. Reminds me of a joke: A man was stopped by a game warden for shooting Seagulls on a beach. The game warden told him it was illegal to shoot Seagulls. He said"I am just trying to feed my family" Game warden asks, "what do they taste like, anyway?" Man says "Like a Spotted owl, with a little bit of a fishy taste."
  2. Thanks for this information. I sometimes tie with found feathers. I want to get some legal polar bear to see what all of the fuss is about.
  3. I read recently that most European and Asian countries are in decline. Not sure I believe that. Sorry, way off topic. I believe I am going to read the book. The NPR piece on it was good.
  4. What did Lee Wulff say? Strawberry shortcake. I think peacock herl is magical for Trout, like rubber legs are for panfish and Bass. Not sure what Steelhead flies represent, especially the intruder style. I tie some classic Steelhead flies (daughter lives in OR ), and those look like minnows from a nuclear reactor. As Geirach said, streamer fishing makes you think fish have "bad taste."
  5. Beautiful work. I like the way you attached the vise. Where did you get the base for it that sits in the rail?
  6. Nothing wrong with white trash. My wife married some. I have a roll top. The best thing about it is that nothing can roll off the sides and back.
  7. I have a Brassie. I don't love it. I saw that someone had taken a large decorative wooden spindle about 6 inches long and drilled a hole in the end. May try that first, or the ballpoint pen.
  8. If you are going to rely on a computer file, back it up twice, on a thumb drive and in the cloud. Trust me. My tablet fried and I lost my thumb drive. I keep boxes of "masters", usually tied by someone else. Probably tied by some lady in the Philippines who makes a dollar an hour who has never fished. I also collect flies by people I respect like AK Best, Mark Noble, etc for reference. And my flies are poor approximations of them.
  9. Thanks for posting this fly. Love the style. And thanks for the link. Do you know what other language he titles with? Wondered if it is Gaelic.
  10. I threw up in my mouth a little after seeing that. Gonna quit fussing about my daughter's boyfriend. Actually he is okay for a left pinko commie labor union organizer.
  11. I think maybe Geirach said that fish buy into an exaggerated feature of the fly. Maybe color, movement, wings, etc. For streamers it seems to be movement, pushing water, size, color. For LMB it seems to be stuff dangling from a hook and wiggling.
  12. Very helpful chart. It looks like my instincts are reasonable.
  13. Do you find yourself tying flies with the same few materials? If so, which ones? Natural materials or synthetics? I find that I use a lot of peacock hearl, hare's ear, black Beaver and natural Muskrat dubbing, white calf tail, Copper wire. Mallard flank, brown and grizzly hen neck. Yellow, red, black, and cream Embroidery thread my Mom gave me. That is what I use 90 % of the time on Mustad hooks size 14-10. I also sometimes use small chenille in black, orange, chartreuse, some real JC nails(Steelhead flies), some red goose shoulder and occasionally Schlappen or neck hackle, primarily white, some Chartreuse. I almost always use 6/0 black Uni thread. For Salt and Bass,I use some tabbed eyes, Bucktail in White, Chartreuse, & Gray. lead dumbells, and rarely, real JC. White rubber legs, foam sheets and popper bodies are the only synthetics I have used. I use larger Mustad stinger hooks and stainless hooks in 4-1/0. I have started using Alec Jackson Steelhead irons. That is all that I have used in the last year. That is not a lot of materials considering I could practically open a fly shop with all of the crap I have. I tie for Bream, Bass and some Saltwater and Steelhead. I tie alot of wet flies, some Clousers, Classic Steelhead (my daughter lives in Oregon) flies and poppers. I mostly use natural materials aND foam. I may be in a rut.
  14. Next we will crochet some nets. It is all good.
  15. I have a couple that I have never used. Put them on the shelf with other curios. I might get one out for Bream next spring. Thanks for the post.
  16. After all this time and all these comments, I finally realized what was bugging me about this query.When I think of a "travel kit" ... I'm planning for my week (up to 4 weeks) trips for work, where I'm bringing stuff along to occupy time in the hotel. I believe you, and many of the respondents are thinking of a drive across town/city/State to a tying event. My kit is designed to fit in my luggage without going over the weight limit for checked bags. Wooden cases are heavy. Large bags etc. are bulky and won't fit into a suitcase easily. I know it doesn't matter that much, as many of the comments already address both types of "travel kits" ... but I was just wondering what type YOU are interested in? I generally am only traveling for a long weekend. My bag is big enough, it just gets to be a jumbled mess very quickly.
  17. That is functional and pretty. Like you, I stick my sharp pointed items in popper bodies when I travel.
  18. The only dubbing I have used that I mixed was some underfunded from my pets and hare's ear. For trout. Otherwise it is off the shelf. Interesting approach, though.
  19. I recommend you join a fly fishing club and/or take classes. It will shorten the learning curve and let you meet other people who tie. I still get frustrated, but not like I did when I started. And remember, fly tying is like sex, you don't have to be good at it to enjoy it.
  20. Eating nerve tissue from an animal with spongioform encephalopathy such as "mad cow disease", or chronic wasting disease in deer can give the disease to the person who eats it. As far as I know birds don't have this disease, just mammals. Seems to be primarily from ruminants. Perhaps eating brains is a bad idea. They slaughter 12 million chickens per week in MS for consumption. The birds are 45 days old when slaughtered. It takes less than 1 1/2 pounds of chicken feed. Amazing. And MS is the number 4 state in the union for broiler production. Poultry is a huge business. Chickens used for tying are a miniscule part of the industry, but the meat probably doesn't get wasted. "Parts is parts"
  21. I have seen some crazy bass flies that work. What is the most unrealistic fly you used that caught fish? Please post photos. I will try to find mine and post.
  22. Thanks, guys. I have seemed to drift over to Uni since I took a saltwater tying class. I am going to try some more mono. Have used it for Charlies.
  23. Now that looks more like it. My dog, also named Buddy, ate a Bucktail. Penny, my other dog ate part of my Coyote tail.
  24. I have primarily gone to 6/0 Uni for salt, and most warm water applications. GSP for spinning deer hair, and 8/0 Uni for insect flies size 10 or less. I personally don't tie anything smaller than size 12, as I don't have trout nearby. I noticed Capt. Lemay mentioned larger thread for saltwater flies. Popovichs uses mono. How do you guys decide which thread to use?
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