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  1. You did a good job. I learned something. I had not been putting the red yarn all the way up the hook. I had just put it in like a tail. Tying a fluff butt. Your way looks better. In the spirit of trying to help, you might want to try tying squirrel in reverse and gluing. Then pull it back and wrap over it. Reverse winging helps with slippery hairs. I have had trouble with squirrel coming out. Just another technique. Your way works, but is less strong, IMHO. Good job! You are very talented.
  2. Contact St Croix. I have gotten excellent service from them
  3. For lakes, a Carey Special. If you have Stoneflies, a girdle bug or a Brooks Stone nymph
  4. All sorted. In the mail soon. Great flies. Thanks for participating. I am humbled. Mine don't have toe tags. One Scandinavian in Salmon colors and one tube fly in Steelhead colors. If someone could post photos, my phone will not load today.
  5. I have received them all. Will process and mail Monday or Tuesday
  6. The space would be 1great for a Portland hitch. Welcome.
  7. We use them as toppings, and they last for at least a couple fish.
  8. Nice fly, Flytier. How long do the legs hold up? I like any fly with peacock, except a Zug bug.
  9. I agree. Beautiful fly. That would probably take some coastal cutthroat. I may have to "borrow" the pattern. Thanks for posting.
  10. Flies tied "in the round" appear the same either way, too the fish. Now whether hook up or down hooks better?
  11. I have. It swims well. You might want a sink tip to get it down.
  12. I have been happy with my Regal Medallion. Not great for small flies. If I were tying a lot of small stuff, I would get midge jaws. It has a groove for larger hooks. It holds an HMH tube adapter well. I have not been happy with how it hols intruder shanks.
  13. Flies for Pacific Salmon and Steelhead. Scandi type Intruders. Taken with modification from on-line tutorial FTD fish shanks 1.5 inch. Beading wire or Berkley wire leader, Hooks: Partridge Salmon, Gamakatsu Octupus or Dropshot Bump,: chart estaz or polar chenille. Tail: chart fluoro fiber Body: blue metallic embroidery thread Rib: chart flat braid (FTD) Palmered blue strung saddle Wing: black Congo hair (FTD) Topping: unraveled blue metallic embroidery thread, chart. Lady Amherst. +/- Peacock here Collar blue dyed Guinea Cheeks: Jungle Cock nail All are a little different. Playing with proportions and materials. The heads are bigger than I would like, but fairly proportional. Still learning. Criticism welcome.
  14. I like this site a lot, in spite of being intimidated by Mark and Mike's good looks and manly physiques. Seriously, everyone has been very nice to me. We have some nice old guys who are in their twilight years, some of us who are following closely, some very talented young people, and people in their prime. We are from MS to MN, FL to AK. I think that overall we get along well. That being said, there is a general lack of manners and graciousness in our republic, as late. We need to be vigilant not to get contentious about something as enjoyable and non-threatening as fly tying. I think Mark is going to help this site. If what he is doing is striking a nerve, perhaps you need to ask yourself why you are sensitive about that.
  15. Sorry Mike Clark didn't pan out. With a try. If you are ever in CO it is worth the trip to Lyons. I have a 5 weight he made and I love it. He has some great consignment rods, too.
  16. contact South creek limited. Mike Clark is well connected. I bet AK Best or Ed Engle might know. Mike fishes with Geirach and those guys.
  17. It seems that brushes and composite loops are all the rage in the PNW Steelhead scene.]intruders can be as hard or simple as you want, it seems.
  18. marrying slip wings Tying a classic dry hackle. I tend to use parachutes. Making a composite loop. Pre formed dubbing brushes. What are you guys working on?
  19. I just got some magnifiers. I need them below a 14.
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