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  1. I am excited.  I just got a new running line and Skagit head for my Spey rod.  The running line has a big loop on the end that slips over the coiled fly line so that lines can be changed easily.  I have a Scandi head already.  This should enable me to use large heavy flies on the Skagit, as well as add sink tips to it.  Smaller flies can be used with the Scandi line.  There are plenty of videos on line.  This should be fun.

  2. You did a good job.  I learned something.   I had not been putting the red yarn all the way up the hook.  I had just put it in like a tail. Tying a fluff butt. Your way looks better.  In the spirit of trying to help, you might want to try tying squirrel in reverse and gluing. Then pull it back and wrap over it.  Reverse winging helps with slippery hairs.  I have had trouble with squirrel coming out.   Just another technique.  Your way works, but is less strong, IMHO.  Good job!  You are very talented.

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