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  1. Please join our swap. Be adventuresome, especially now that Covid is shutting us down, again. Details for dates, etc., are in Swaps, but not due until Oct 15.. Can be for Salmon, Trout, Steelhead, etc. Definition of intruder: the best I can tell it is a largish fly, or micro-intruder. Has two stations, or one. contains a wing, or tied in the round, weighted or not. on a shaft with a trailing hook, or tube, or long hook.Usually contains "legs" of Ostrich, Rhea, synthetic, rubber/silicone legs, or marabou, or schlappen. So there is the definition. Pretty vague. I will post my address once I complete a house purchase.
  2. I am sorry, I seemed to have missed the original post. I cannot seem to locate it. Anyway, I am always glad to donate. My dry flies are rather amateurish, but my wets and streamers are okay. Can you please re-state what the donation is for, when its due, etc. I am glad to participate.
  3. Thanks for posting. I have recently started using "fibers" in my tying. I am using EP, Farrah, and Congo hair more or less the same ways, for streamer wings and on intruders. Will have to try on dry flies.
  4. Norm, glad to see you tying Steelhead and Salmon flies, again. I learn a lot from your work..
  5. This is a good start. I just moved to Oregon and am still trying to get exactly what qualifies as an intruder. It seems to require a small trailer hook, a connection, at least one satin with a shoulder and some type type of flowing or dangling material. Can be any size or density, weighted, or unweighted, natural or synthetic.
  6. Let's do this. Limit to 12 people. Due Oct 15.
  7. Theft has been around forever. That is why it is one of the ten commandments. You have to keep stuff with you and then it van be stolen by a pro. I am sorry for his loss.
  8. Not sure why my intruder post went under Dr. P. I added it from my phone instead of my tablet.
  9. Oct 15? These things do take time to tie. Should we limit to 6 or go with a dozen, if there is interest?
  10. Intruders or tube flies. Sign up by Aug 1. Due Oct 15. Making a late due date to accommodate summer plans. These flies intrigue me. 1. Vicrider--Intruder. ARRIVED 2.Stabgnid ARRIVED 3. CPHubert. ARRIVED 4.mikemac1. ARRIVED 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  11. I am expecting mine any day now.
  12. Man, I love Fly Tyers Dungeon. Don't say FTD or your wife will think you are buying flowers for another woman.
  13. I guess I am the odd guy here. I am joining a new business venture in OR at the age of 61. Moving to be closer to family, have fun helping build a business again, and escaping this infernal heat. The most fun I ever had working was working with a group, growing a business, opening clinics. I am excited. I also enjoyed the stock options. My wife is ready to move, too. Everyone in my family died pretty quick after retirement. I guess I will die with my boots on, if my health holds.
  14. Do you ever sleep? Your hobbies, house, rods, etc. Amazing.
  15. He would love some of your flies, too.
  16. Nitrile gloves or latex globes might last longer. Those look good.
  17. I would fish them all. I just figure the fly called for brown and grizzly because Cree is rare. However, I like it better. Hope I didn't offend you. Thanks for posting the contrast. Excellent work, as always.
  18. Mark, I hate to say it, but I like the mixed brown and grizzly best. Kimo, you have that micro game changer dialed in.
  19. I love that fly. I love the provenance of it. Also, it still sorks!
  20. Those flies are all intimidating. I guess social distancing is inspiring you.
  21. Everyone on the Gulf, stay safe
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