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  1. Flies for Pacific Salmon and Steelhead.  Scandi type Intruders.  Taken with modification from on-line tutorial 

    FTD fish shanks 1.5 inch.  Beading wire or Berkley wire leader, 

    Hooks:  Partridge Salmon,  Gamakatsu Octupus or Dropshot

    Bump,: chart estaz or polar chenille.

    Tail:  chart fluoro fiber

    Body:  blue metallic embroidery thread

    Rib: chart flat braid (FTD)

    Palmered blue strung saddle

    Wing:  black Congo hair (FTD)

    Topping:  unraveled blue metallic embroidery thread, chart. Lady Amherst. +/- Peacock here

    Collar blue dyed Guinea

    Cheeks:  Jungle Cock nail

    All are a little different.  Playing with proportions and materials.

    The heads are bigger than I would like, but fairly proportional.  Still learning.  Criticism welcome.




  2. I like this site a lot, in spite of being intimidated by Mark and Mike's good looks and manly physiques.   

    Seriously, everyone has been very nice to me.  We have some nice old guys who are in their twilight years, some of us who are following closely, some very talented young people, and people in their prime.  We are from MS to MN, FL to AK.  I think that overall we get along well.

    That being said, there is a general lack of manners and graciousness in our republic, as late.  We need to be vigilant not to get contentious about something as enjoyable and non-threatening as fly tying.  I think Mark is going to help this site.  If what he is doing is striking a nerve, perhaps you need to ask yourself why you are sensitive about that.



  3. Mark, congratulations on being a moderator.   Well deserved.

    I don'tsee anything controversial in what you posted.  From teaching university students and managing many people,  I have learned that even the most well intentioned comments will sometimes offend someone from a different view point or background.   Being nice is fundamental to a working community  Praise should be sincere.  Critique should be honest and well meaning.  There are many gifted tyers on here that I have learned from.

  4. I apologize that I have not responded recently.  I have driven cross country, from MS to OR, again.  I worked over 70 hrs during the 8 days after I got here.  The state of Oregon is on fire, so I had to move from the apartment where I was staying to my new house, without having my furniture here.  I am sleeping on a camp cot.  My wife is in Colorado, headed this way with her sick daughter.  The smoke from the wildfires is incredible.  I don't have internet at my house and will have to get satellite internet, which I don't know a lot about.  

    So, I am checking this at work, which is somewhat frowned upon.


    Anyway, my house is out of the fire zone, just smoky.  Please send your flies to the published address in Carlton, OR.  They are due on October 15.  



  5. I went Coastal Cutt fishing with a friend.  We could see the fish flash at our flies.  No luck.  Changed presentation and flies often.  No luck.  Any of you guys fish for these fish?  I thought they would be easier to please!

    I used streamers, WB, nymphs, colorful flies, Squirmy wormy flies, and stonefly nymphs.  Some small steelhead flies (size 6 colorful soft hackles).  No dice.  Fished high in the column, mid column, and with a sink tip polyleader.  No dice.

    Any advice would be welcome.  Going back for more punishment soon.

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