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  1. This. I have had a Regal for almost 20 years, with no real issues.
  2. Work on the taper, woke on spacings. Another fly uses pattern deer hair for the abdomen and a lot of western fliers use a long hook.
  3. A little too close to home. Funny thing, way before the commercial, one of my coworkers called me a Midget Sasquatch. I am a bit hairy. My wife loved the commercial.
  4. Apocalypse Now Platoon Full Metal Jacket Black Hawk Down American Sniper
  5. Those feathers are amazing. Davie has about the best You tube videos out there. If you want to hear the other end of the accent spectrum, try "Richard Gene the Fishing Machine."
  6. Mark, catch one for me. I haven't been fishing much. Like the flies. SB Patt, I like your Caddis and Loch flies. Great work this month EVERYONE.
  7. AK Best uses lacquer made for wood. I use Sally's and like it too. I really like Griffen's head cement for heads. I wrap herl on thread and then rib it with wire in the opposite direction on Peacock herl bodies. I have not glued under the herl much. Also, herl on the eye is much stronger than strung herl, in my experience.
  8. Thanks for posting this, Chug. As usual, Flytier has a good engineering approach. Good diagram. I had not thought about this.
  9. Tier, your work has really improved! And your photos, too. Good work.
  10. Check out Flymph Forum
  11. Your flies will work, but obviously you are not satisfied. I agree with Flytier, use your best as an example for future ties. You might want to check out Dave Hughes book WET FIES, especially his work on hen fiber wings.
  12. Julius, I like your PNW, British Columbia vibe.
  13. I used a baseball cube and put a large wine cork in it. For several flies. It is already packed so no photo, sorry.
  14. I think your memory is coming back! Great fly!
  15. What foil are you using in the Pop flies?
  16. Squatch. That would slay Steelhead and Salmon in the PNW. Local materials.
  17. Mark, you find some of the weirdest materials...fantastic. I love the snipe and purple. I love soft hackles for trout.
  18. I am envious. Fantastic Bream. Best fighting fish for their size. Sugar Ray Leonard of the fish world.
  19. Good job. Hope you enjoy tying on it.
  20. Great flies. I need to tie some Wulff patterns. The only one I ever seem to use is the Royal. Retrocarp, I love your Zonkers. What size are the hooks?
  21. Impressive. How did you manage that?
  22. I use liquid fusion, too. If you get too much in one application, you may find that it breaks off. User error. You can thin it with water. Nontoxic, odor free. For poppers retaining color without chipping, it was found to be as effective as epoxy. I can't remember where the study was.
  23. Check with feathercraft. Tail may be a separate purchase
  24. Dang. Busy packing for a move. Otherwise I would join. Crazy to take a new job and move during a pandemic, but I guess I am crazy
  25. My message box was full. I emptied it. Sorry.
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