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  1. The Ginger Quill is over the top good, Mogup.
  2. Can someone with good camera skills photograph the set and post it?
  3. How is it done? Really cool.
  4. Amazing work. Not sure I can see to tie on a leader! Thanks for hosting.
  5. Great work, guys! Thanks for hosting.
  6. In the mail! I went ahead and sent flies to Bob Nelson, who withdrew due to his wife's illness. If you had room in your envelopes, i put in some woven cords from Flatrock Native. Outstanding flies, gentlemen.
  7. It is easy enough to add a stinger while fishing, if needed. Sometimes you need one. Just keep a couple octopus hooks handy in your box. And use your stiff leader material.
  8. Happy birthday! Healthy fish.*
  9. Is that a ring on the back of the middle one for tying a dropper?
  10. I am learning to use synthetics. Have some Congo hair. Great fly.. inspired me to try something similar.
  11. We had a fun with foam swap that was fun. Creative tyers here. Glad you are here!
  12. Looks like they are all here. Will get them out Monday ot Tuesday. Really magnificent work.
  13. I am sorry, but I need to hold off this time. Packing to move.
  14. Got mine today from Mad Duck. Very nice bass and panfish flies! Spun deer hair is difficult. Good work!
  15. That is a really, really nice dragon fly! You have a natural talent.
  16. Loosen the wraps as you go toward the stern (hook end). That will "gather" them . Also, hair toward the tail base is hollow and flares more. Toward the tip doesn't flare as much. And yes, your dumbell eyes are too close to the hook eye. A good rule of thumb, is to measure the length of the dumbell from the hookeye, mark it, and tie just behind that.. I was privileged to see Clouser himself tie one. Lots of nuance. Hope this helps. Keep tying.
  17. Bruce, your flies arrived. Beauties.
  18. I have hooked them on an Orange glow bug. I prefer to swing flies. Next project is to learn to tie Spey flies. Guess I drank the Kool-aid.
  19. They don't really eat much when they return. Mostly a reaction bite. Most steelhead tyers talk a lot about "triggers." I have been told the following by multiple guides. 1. You have to put the fly in front of them, a foot or two off the bottom, except when they are hitting on top. 2. Wet fly swing, or Greased line, or indicator nymph. 3. The lower the water, the smaller and duller the fly. 4. If they swirl at your fly, try a smaller drab fly. 5. You need two patterns, a black wing or a white wing. A dark fly, and a bright one. In different sizes. 6. The fly you use doesn't matter. Conversely, try different styles to give them a different look. 7. It is a mystery. 8. These magnificent fish deserve aesthetically beautiful flies, or try a Wooly Bugger or an egg pattern 9. Try pink, orange or black. Or purple...or 10. The fishing used to be great It is a weird subculture
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