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  1. "I wanna hold you when I'm not supposed to." Excited to go fishing with my Dad and baby girl. This will be her first time, and I hope that she will have so much fun.
  2. joynhappiness


    This is my dog named Copper, he loves to lay down on the couch after eating too many treats from the pet feeder. He is in the mood to strike some post, he is kind of a snooty in this photo though. BTW, pardon me for bring an old thread back.
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Joyce and I love everything about water. I don't have much to say since I am not a fan of introduction and I guess I am not good at telling people about myself. Looking forward to seeing you around!
  4. I am excited to do some snorkeling in Langkawi for my birthday next week. BTW, I am new here so pardon me for being an intruder.
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