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    Did you add some lead line or other weight to the side of the hook opposite the point - what would be the underside of a real crawdad? I'm wondering whether doing that would help it sink faster after a tug on the line to make it rise, or does that make any difference to the fish? I can see how a moving but upside-down crawdad would look distressed and that might trigger a strike, but I'm concerned about trying to keep the point up so it doesn't hang up as easily. It's pretty rocky where I'd be using it. Excellent job, though! I just bought a half-dozen or so to tide me over, and none of them looked as much like the real thing as yours. I was wondering last night how I could manage to get that hump where the tail segments bend for propulsion, looks like you have that problem neatly handled.
  2. Hi folks! I'm new to this forum (looks great, by the way), but not new to tying flies. When I was younger I tied mostly panfish and bass flies and bugs using a series of really poorly-made vices. I'm starting my late 60's now and finally live where it makes sense to learn how to fish for trout, too. I'm in "upper east" TN, and if I get the bug again bad enough I'll be looking at some trips to western NC. There's a lot of good fishing here, but I've always been a lake fisherman along with a little bit of fishing for smallmouth, largemouth and rock bass. I have a lot to learn. My plans are to buy flies to get started (and I nearly have what I need), then get set up to tie my own after I have a better idea of what works for me here - meanwhile, I can be learning a bit about theory and technique as well as reading reviews on vises and tools. The internet's a wonderful thing to a guy whose tying gear usually came from Herter's, and their low-end at that. I'll mostly lurk for a while until I know enough to ask pertinent questions - if my questions haven't already been answered and I imagine that at this stage they have, I'll just need to search for them. The buy/sell forum will be of particular interest as I progress, at my age I can't see buying new if I can find good used equipment. I try to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
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