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  1. It is much cheaper to preserve squirrel tails then buy, my current box (approx 3 dollars) has been used on at least 8 dozen tails ( I harvest 4 dozen per winter), several bird skins and some pretty nasty gardening clothes. Do I use that many tails? no way but like the squirrels, I give them to people who do. Plus I have some very nice shades you don't find in the store, a really pale orange has made some great clouser's
  2. I use salt first (7 to 10 Days) because it seems to draw moisture faster, then borax. Io this on birds, squirrels, raccoons, fox, and small hide pieces. I also make sure the tailbone is fully removed, sometimes I use a razor blade to split the tail if it seems extra fatty.
  3. trs

    would you want....

    Pretty sure there are no fish in space, and that no gravity thing seems like it would really complicate tying or casting. I guess I'll just stay home, besides the lack of gnats might cause some weird psychological problem.
  4. Just found this thread, I buy a lot of old/odd Mustad hooks from kenhook.se, they have great prices and do requests, I have gotten hooks from as far back as mid 1930' s
  5. Welcome to the forum, I use a Renzetti traveler I got on eBay, got a great deal no complaints
  6. great looking fly, but being in the deep south my ice fishing experience is limited
  7. Hello and welcome Gills, gar and shoal bass
  8. I bought the 7'6" it was my second fly rod, my first was a 5 wt TFO I received from healing waters. The CT is a great rod, 3wt was an ideal second rod, it makes small fish a blast and the CT has the backbone to handle a 3lb smallie, I've caught trout, carp, gills, gar, catfish and several other species on it. My only regret was I didn't buy 2 or 3 when they were cheap, glad to see Redington brought it back
  9. Welcome, hope you enjoy the forum
  10. Thanks for all the welcomes, I'm in Albany
  11. I have never had a problem with cheap UV lights from eBay, I generally pay less than 3 dollars.
  12. I use lights I got on eBay and pay 2-3 dollars, for or resin I buy three different products also from eBay. Cell phone screen UV glue is a great thin, for medium fingernail polish UV cure top coat is medium and UV cure casting resin is an outstanding thick. The price can be as low as a buck an ounce. The markup on this stuff is crazy!
  13. 100% silicone caulk thinned with mineral spirits works great, you can vary the thickness, I've had great results on turkey feathers.
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