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  1. 12 hours ago, Jaydub said:

    Do you know who made those? They look like they work on the same principal as the old Jade River Bead Nabber.

    Jaydub i don't. I only remember i got them at Bob Marriott's about 10 years ago because one of my kids saw them n liked them. 

  2. Hi guys! I've used many hackle pliers n the one's that work best for me are called swiss hackle pliers. They're inexpensive n hold dry fly hackles soft hackles biots n stems w no slipping. I've had mine for over 10 yrs.

    Those c and f are nice but too expensive for me.

  3. It might help! Tightlinevideos on youtube has a short video on how to place the herl on right were the fibers stick strait out when you wrap it on the hook shank. It helped me out a lot n my flies look more uniform.


    That one looks great for a size 20.

  4. A small stick with a notch in the end works well to remove most deep hooks.

    Yeah a chop stick with one end flat n a notch cut right in the center. Place the line on the notch n guide it to the hook, give a short up n down pull n it's out! It takes plactice!

  5. Abel, why do you believe the peacock will work best? Is it purely a matter of color or is there some other reason? I bought the Flash N Slinky from Bob Marriott, out your way. They have several other colors as well. You might take a look and let me know if any other colors look fishy to you.



    It's my experience BB peacock green is a go to color for pan fish. Mid summer (super hot days) the chartreuse n white for the crappie n small (6") bass. That material is fine, personal i like bucktail, or on size 10 or 12 i use calf tail.

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