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  1. You're definitely good at it! Very little room for improvement!
  2. Thx SilverCreek i will give it a try.
  3. Poor hooking yes! Gap too narrow yes! But stone fly patterns look great on that hook!
  4. Clausers for pan fish w a size 8 hook i use med bead chain eyes white bucktail n red thread, i tie them about 2" long w 2 strands of crystal flash. Good luck!
  5. All of your ties are very clean n your photography is excellent!
  6. Snapping the thread on the head when doing the first whip finish by hand! Like they say "that chaps my hide"
  7. Very nice! Is that the partridge spider hook?
  8. I like it! Looks very simple to tie! Thx!
  9. I'm definitely trying it! Thx!
  10. The guy that makes them sells them on eBay. They look solid!
  11. Hi Haziz Every fly tier is different! I like to tie my spiders on short shank dry fly hooks, i have a friend that has me tie his clausers on owner mosquito hooks. I have another friend that wants his weaved meal worms tied on bait holder hooks. At the end of the day if the fish ate it you did it right. Keep things basic and adjust as you learn more!
  12. Flytire! LOL Does it come in camo?
  13. To avoid feebay fees sell it on letgo or those buying n selling apps on your smartphone. It's going to take longer but you get more money!
  14. French oval tinsel in small, that's what i use for size 14 n 16.
  15. On heads n some when using squirrel tail. Sally Hansen it is.
  16. It has bluegill written all over it!
  17. I personally like to tie spider patterns on short shank dry fly hooks. They don't sink as fast.
  18. That fly will work great for panfish here in so cal.
  19. Those places always have interesting n useful stuff for fly tying. Try the fake eyelashes for dry fly tails.
  20. The royal zeewolf looks great! I like the substitute!
  21. Thx for the welcome guys! I mainly fish legg lake for the panfish n for trout up in the sierras n when stockers are in the city lakes well I'll be there!
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