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  1. New member here.......just started fly fishing last year but most of my fishing experience was when I was younger growing up in the Midwest. Since moving to AZ in 1988, my fishing time dwindled drastically due to job, kids and life.....Now that I'm closer to retirement and kids in college, my wife and I have more time to had to the mountains to cool down in the summer. I fish for rainbow, brown and Apache trout in the mountain lakes and Little CO river. At first I thought I would just buy my flies, but have changed my mind as I like to make things and have always liked the feeling of accomplishment looking at the end result. I also live near the Salt River and hope to start fishing it regularly every winter. My first goal is to select a vise (only want to buy one that will last and I'll be happy with under $200) and am currently considering Peak, Regal, Renzatti and Griffin. Thanks, Dave
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