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  1. Another option is to not put them on the hook - http://www.alaskaflyfishingonline.com/afb/bouncershrimp.html
  2. Here's a sow bug pattern from Ozark Anglers. http://ozarkanglers.com/forums/index.php?s...0&hl=Sowbug
  3. Great pics Troutnut. Since no one else has guessed, I'll say the spot in the second picture skunked you.
  4. Fry Flier - I'm glad you posted this. I've always wanted a portable fly tying station that can carry 90% of the stuff that I'm going to use and your pictures have given me tons of ideas on how to accomplish this.
  5. It works fine from Googles search, which search engine are you using? If you make a new link/favorite to this site, does it work?
  6. Other than J Stockard, I buy from Hook & Hackle, The Fish Guy and I like Cabelas for their wishlist feature (Christmas will soon be upon us).
  7. Luke

    K&E Spey

    I like the fly and love the background. If it wasn't for the vise, it would look like it was in a stream somewhere. Good job!
  8. Must fight urge to quit work and just go fishing!!! All of these pictures are making it unbearable. It's getting so bad that the fish in my aquarium are all hiding from me, I think the fish can sense my desire to hook them and drag them around a little. Is there a -5 weight rod on the market? I wonder if they will bite on a dry fly? What's a good material to represent fish flakes? Ummmmm. I better get back to work before you guys know think I'm crazy.
  9. Al - I can say that this site is accurate. I have a fishing trip planned for the third week of October and it always rains when I plan these types of things. I checked the website that you listed and for the third week of October they say a Higher Chance of Rain. Maybe I should call them up and let them know that I'm going fishing, that way they can just say that it's a 100% chance of rain. Oh well, I don't mind fishing in the rain.
  10. Al - Thanks for the link. Now all I have to do is take one of the other charts and add the Mustad Signature info.
  11. I've been getting into photographing critters that fish eat. Currently, all my photography has been above water, but I'm hoping to start doing some underwater photography and videography.
  12. Peacock Herl, it just has a lot of fish catching ability.
  13. Why are there never any charts with the Mustad Signature hooks on them? Are all of these charts from before Mustad came out with these? I was just wondering.
  14. Graham - That fish looks like a catfish with a Brown Trout costume. You didn't happen to catch him around halloween did ya?
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