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  1. I love sunnies and gills. Perfect table fare, gotta add perch to that, though. Dang those suckers are tasty. Thanks, powershooter Oh, no doubt. The core of my fly tying kit is a 25 year old Orvis kit that I got for $35 in July, lol. I'd imagine if the tying material holds up for 25 years, the flies should too. That said, some of the items in the kit are junk and are not holding well. I've had to pick up quite a bit of other material.
  2. rstraight, that may end up being me. I doubt it, though. I do have a 5wt Cabella's rod and reel that I've yet to get set up. I'll get it out there one of these days. fshng2, I've caught fish on things I've made, sort of. Basic Crappie rigs, simple spinners, etc. It's pretty awesome, for sure. Over time, I'll be making more and more jigs, lures, flies, etc.
  3. I think I'm the newest new guy at the forum. I'm new to fly tying. I've only been at the vise for 2 months, but I've been fishing my whole life. I'm originally from Michigan, living in NE Ohio. I spend most of my fishing time trying to hook up with some pannies. I've mostly been tying nymphs, classic drys, and a few streamers. I'm not made of money so I buy what I can and tie what I can with what I have. And at the risk of committing heresy, I've yet to fish any of my flies, lol.
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