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  1. Yeah, Mike, I guess I could have made that clearer. I do live in Austin, Texas. Been here for about 20 yrs. I went to college in Tampa at USF. Got my engineering degree there and was hired by Texas Instruments Defense Group. Been in Texas since 1989 (not counting my time at Carswell AFB in Ft Worth).
  2. Good Afternoon, All, I signed up a few weeks and have been lurking for a bit. I like the forum and the members seems polite and well mannered and very willing to help. More about me. I actually started fly tying BEFORE I started fly fishing way back in the early 70s. Started with a Thompson vise that I still have, but I have retired it for a Renzetti that I really like. I bought that about 20 yrs ago when I started getting back in fly tying. I started fly fishing about 6 months after I started tying up in Connecticut. I have fished a great deal of the US and some of the world (Patigonia region of Argentina, UK, a bit in Ukraine). I have managed to catch quite a few species, but trout are my first love. Biggest US rainbow was caught on a size 20 zebra midge I tied. Ok, that is enough about me. Tell me about you if you are so inclined. Regards, Dale
  3. My first vise many decades ago was a Thompson. Man, I tied a crap load of flies on that vise. I am on a renzetti now and love it. But, that Thompson name brought back so many memories!
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