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  1. Just starting out and thought about keeping a file for the flies i've tied. Made a binder with a page for each different fly. Recipe and pic. Does anyone do this? And if so, how do you have your's organized?
  2. I had a bunch of scrap oak laying around. I decided to make a simple tying bench. So here it is, nothing special, but less than $15.00 in material
  3. So I tried to take the advice of a few from the previous thread. Here is tonight's effort's. Critique away
  4. Will do. Thanks for advice. Gonna tie some more tonight and will try what you suggest. And the crazy eyes. I'm thinking the clouser has had one to many!!!
  5. I just tried to copy a youtube video by intheriffle. Tied all 3 last night. Only had 30 minutes to tie before I went to bed. Plan on tying more tonight in different color combo's
  6. I have only tied a few different flies, but it's been fun so far. Here are a couple Clouser's I tied last night. All comments and critique accepted
  7. Thanks for the comments and critiques. I'll tie some more this week and post pics. I really like the Orvis pic that was posted. Really gives me an image to focus on!
  8. After watching countless videos and reading countless threads on how to tie this, i was surprised it came out that good Seems like the less hackle I use, the easier it is to achieve.
  9. Only been tying for a month or so. Just trying to do easy patterns that I have materials for. Here is a Mickey Finn and a few jigs I tied over the last couple of days. Comments and critique are greatly accepted. Thanks again for all the info i've gained to this point.
  10. Here's a pic of the River Boat
  11. Yes Sir, The Belle of Louisville!! They do River tours on it Daily! A lady I work with works on the weekends on it. Pretty cool little tour!
  12. Fairly new fly at fly tying. Been fly fishing for a few years, but recently got into tying. Live in Louisville
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