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  1. Here's a video of bob clouser tying it




    A couple things:


    1. Your nose ties go all the way to the eye, take them only half way.


    2. You've got too much bulk in the nose. Your bottom one is best but still bulky. Make sure to pinch the hair to get the amount you want at the tail end and remove all the shorter hairs from the nose end. Also you might also try clouser's method re pinching an oval shape of the hair (giving the hair a taller flat profile and resulting in a smoother transition at the nose) rather than the in the riffle flat circle method.


    3. Your top two crowd the hook eye.


    4. Try for consistent bulk. I know these can be tied in all different bulks, but pick one you like and aim for it. I like the proportions of white and green on your top one best.


    5. Pinch vertically and pull up away from the hook with the hair as you wrap the thread down the shank, so the hair stays more in a line on that side and less as a round bunch surrounding the shank. Your bottom green does this best, the top green is wrapped too far around the shank. Your white is hard to tell from the pics.


    6. What's with the crazy eyes? wink.png


    Here's a pic of one that I think gets the nose and proportions right, with a thinner shorter tie in at the nose, with good proportions of hair, with a tall skinny flat vertical profile, and with more evenly distributed hair from to back to front (removed the short hairs):




    (Click on the red and white one)


    These are not criticisms but critique. Yours look good, and they'll work. Do fish them.

    Will do. Thanks for advice. Gonna tie some more tonight and will try what you suggest. And the crazy eyes. I'm thinking the clouser has had one to many!!!

  2. First, the critique ... "a couple" is two. If one of those is a model you copied ... you tied "a few". biggrin.png


    Second, the praise ... those look as good as any I've tied. They're great flies for catching fish ... but I think they look weird. Thus, I think all Clousers look odd and tied properly !!!

    I just tried to copy a youtube video by intheriffle. Tied all 3 last night. Only had 30 minutes to tie before I went to bed. Plan on tying more tonight in different color combo's

  3. Welcome to the site, eborraga. WAY back, when my Dad was a conductor on the railroad, I used to ride with him to Louisville once every other month or so. Is there still a paddle boat running on the river?

    Yes Sir, The Belle of Louisville!! They do River tours on it Daily! A lady I work with works on the weekends on it. Pretty cool little tour!

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