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  1. These graylings were :thumbsup: However it was only one time in this summer,when we took graylings.. :hypocrite:
  2. For me it is quite difficult to tie nice czech nymphs,becouse there needs good syntetics dubbing and I trie to tie it with natural hair dubb.. :dunno: Also salmon flies are unapproachable dream for me :crying: :wallbash:
  3. I think it will help you For me the most difficult was to find right yarn.. untitledas.bmp untitledass.bmp untitledasss.bmp
  4. I prefer UNI-Thread. I have never used Danville,but I think it is good,because I see many compliments about this thread I hope in ebay.com i will found this thread
  5. This is dry wooley bugger? :thumbup:
  6. Now most I use classic wet flies,unfortunately there was not vote for wets,so I voted for nymphs
  7. My favourite hooks are Partridge and Kamasan. I think one of reasons is that assortment in Lithuania is not wide. I hope in winter I will buy some TMC from ebay and try to tie something
  8. I think it is very nice,when father teach his son how to tie a fly :thumbsup: I am tying about two years.I'm started from zero,without teacher,materials ant money,but i think the main is not to loose the trust that you can tie! In U.S. I think is easy to start,there are many fishermans,information and material,but main is the determination I hope You understand what I wanted to say
  9. I see,the members in this forum are really nice :thumbup: Ok,i will say something if i needs help Sorry for grammar mistakes :frusty: I think everybody understand what is the main point :whistle:
  10. Yeah! :headbang: That aquarium looks great Now I saw there sharks and other fishes Interesting for me that some fishermans company made something in Lithuania :thumbsup: Nice :punk:
  11. Firsth,but not maybe not the last from Lithuania Ok,I try to post some news about my country and flyfishing Unfortunately I do not have camera,so photos will be not mine..
  12. Hello everyone!, I am beginner in this forum. I am from Lithuania and I fish with fly about two years. I think I will found in that forum useful information Best regards, Sarunas Stelmokas
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