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  1. At least they opened the resident bear hunts back up in Alaska. Bear hunting is a solitary thing. All our ramps and parks are still open for now. Of course, everything's still frozen too.
  2. Boy Oh Boy, this virus aint good for much but it is good for fly tying.
  3. Thanks. That's Loon clear UV resin on that one. I used stick on eyes and wanted to make sure they stayed. I like them that way.
  4. Nice Job, welcome to the forum. I have some of those hooks too. They work good on poppers for big pike. The hook guard makes it a little harder to tie on them.
  5. We used to be able to see the post number in the right hand upper corner, of any given thread. That was helpful so you could refer back to a particular post in a thread.
  6. No, I haven't had any of those problems. It's working pretty smooth for me. The only trouble I've had is with accessing fly tutorials. It seems like it was a lot easier with the old format.
  7. Yeah, me too. These will all be for pike later on so they probably won't take the time to notice that.
  8. Glass Minnow. That's number 236 and the last fly in the Orvis index of flies. That book, and help from all you guys along the way has helped me improve both my fly tying and photography. Thank you everybody.
  9. Those are nice, thanks for jumping in. I'm not the miester, I just appreciate you being in. Lovin' the Squatches PPE
  10. You sure got a lot of nice worms, and I like them. I also like the foamies you got on the marabou tails of them boogers.
  11. I don't mind tying two sets of flies, I can use the practice. I'll do PTN ans GRHE ( I hate it when people use acronyms I don't know, and while I'm sure you all know, I won't assume anything) Pheasant Tail Nymph and Gold Rib Hares Ear
  12. Wait, where'd you get those masks. Do you have one for Squatch, I'd hate to see anything happen to him.
  13. Yeay for you guys. Just so you know, all of Alaska is still open😋......only thing is, it's still frozen.
  14. I will give that a try for the next time. Thanks a lot.
  15. "The Mark of No Toilet Paper" (Zoro)
  16. What a beauty. Boat a dem (That's both of them)
  17. Tarpon flies from the Orvis Index. Cockroach Hi-Ti (I added the black top of the wing). Chinese Claw Apte Tarpon Fly All of these are tied on 5/0 hooks. We don't have Tarpon up here in Alaska but all of these flies would work very well for Rockfish, ling Cod and Halibut in the salt and Pike in fresh water just as they are. I can't think of very many things that are more fun than catching large pike on top water so I converted the last two flies into poppers for pike. I have a bunch of these foam popper heads around, it was a simple matter of gluing them on. The poppers are about 7 inches long altogether. Chinese Claw Pike Popper Apte Pike Popper
  18. I'm going to go basic with some Pheasant Tail Nymphs if they're not already being done.
  19. OH bummer, I'd love to see some squatch buzzers.
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