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  1. There you go, usually those guys will provide everything you need in a way of flies. When you book, ask them what will work best while you are there. Then you can pick up extras.
  2. If you book a trip to Alaska, these are the flies you want. (Your first picture). We can get more specific if you let me know which of the five pacific salmon you want to target. Also, let me know what rivers you are looking at. Many of those flies will be killer for rainbows, steelhead, dollies and grayling too. I guess this is actually a thread for another section of the forum. We'll leave it here for now so you know where to look for it.
  3. I'll call you next time I go. Maybe you and your Mom or Dad can fish with us. I'll show you.
  4. Mark Knapp


    Exactly right, and we have waited 9 days to get paid, but we are expected to ship right away. Never again.
  5. Mark Knapp


    Because of eBays new financial policies, we are cancelling all of our business and personal accounts. We will no longer be using eBay for anything.
  6. Wow, that's some amazing scenery. What's your work? Nice work on the look alike. Maybe not shaggy enough though.
  7. I wise man once said, "We are all married to the same person"
  8. Now you have to train yourself to put it back down.
  9. Mark Knapp

    Arkie trip

    Yes we do and yes we do.
  10. Because it's her job to boss you around and just spoil the grand kids.
  11. Angel says "Kale's just gross no matter what they try to do with it" She's full blooded Italian so, bread, pasta and tomato sauce.
  12. She's making me go fishing for a week. I'll be fine after that, if nothing goes wrong while I'm gone. The last time I left for an extended trip, when I came back, the dog had a bandage on the end of her tail and a cone-head. She got her tail caught in the automatic, closing door of our store, (in the hinge side) It wasn't my fault but I wasn't there to take care of the problem when it happened.
  13. It's hard to tie a fly with kale.😁
  14. My wife got a hook in her foot this week end, (size 10, for those that need to know). I was rigging up some stuff in the living room (to watch TV while I do it) and lost track of one hook. I looked and looked for it. Couldn't find it. She's not in the room for a minute and she finds it, in her foot. I felt really bad about it. I jerked it out pretty easily with some pliers. She was actually pretty good about it. Almost like she expects stuff like that. I guess that's the best reason for my own room, so I can find all my own hooks.
  15. Wow, I can't believe no one can offer you anything.
  16. I really like the look of this one.
  17. The Blackhawk wasn't in great shape. I rebuilt it and made a .50 Linebaugh out of it. I did find a .44 Redhawk that was in great condition except the parkey squirrels had chewed on the rubber Pachmayr grips
  18. People are flipping canoes and losing stuff all the time up here. The first thing a young GI does when he gets up here is buy a .44 in a shoulder holster for bears and a big Bowie knife for anything smaller than a bear. Then they get in a canoe and flip it. Many of the rivers are rougher than most down in the states and we have a lot of sweepers. The water is much colder too so no one spends much time looking for stuff. I once found a .44 Redhawk on Kodiak island too. I also lost a .22 on the trap line once. so I'm .66 ahead of the game.
  19. Thanks guys, I have a regular head.
  20. I once had to secure a dead body for the troopers, of a man who had been missing for half a year. He had been frozen for most of that time. I've found two canoes. A Ruger .44 Blackhawk. Lots of lures. Once while dragging anchor in a pretty good wind I caught someone else anchor and two old fishing rods. I drilled an ice fishing hole this winter and my buddy saw another ice fishing rig right below us on the bottom. He's still using it. My partners and I once fished a family out of a river after they flipped their raft on a boulder. We got some of their gear back but only two of the three sleeping bags, and one of the rifles. They had to spend the rest of the time with all three of them in the two sleeping bags zipped together.
  21. I have a Regal but not sure which jaws I have. How can you tell?
  22. I'd hate to meet him in a dark ally, and Mike but mostly that ugly guy.
  23. Dfoster, that HYDROPSYCHE CADDIS NYMPH looks buggy. πŸ˜„Great Job.
  24. Good for you. I wish you the best.
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