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  1. It's interesting that your nymph is hanging up-side-down. Maybe it's just not waterlogged yet.
  2. I use a dubbing needle to spread the head cement like a butter knife. I use a secondary turkey wing feather. I think they call it a shoulder feather.
  3. Very pretty. I had the same problem, and I finally switched to a different feather. It made all the difference in the world. It was still a turkey feather, but a softer one. And of course, some kind of fixative on there helps like head cement or hair spray (before you cut and tie it).
  4. Well, it's kind of a random raindrop. Sometimes you see them so well done that they don't look organic. Thanks, everybody for all the kind comments.
  5. Things are moving along. Very cool.
  6. Here's a knife that's headed home to it's new owner tomorrow.
  7. Very well said. However, I would say that courtesy and respect are almost the same (Honestly, I have trouble telling the difference). I think we all deserve both but should demand neither. It's the only way people can get along, if we show each other respect and/or courtesy. As for me, I prefer to fish where I can strategically (I think) work a stream without someone else muddying up the waters, so to speak. I also feel somewhat miffed if someone else, with a whole drainage to fish, with literally no one else there, plunks right next to me in the hole I'm fishing. Fortunately for me there are plenty of places where I can go that it is a reasonable expectation that I can be by myself. I know there are lots of places that such an expectation is not reasonable. "When in Rome..." I can not "Demand" a whole section of a stream to myself but I can "Expect" it. I get along the best I can if my expectations are not fulfilled.
  8. I think that only jaw modification would help you.
  9. Wow, what would you call that? Fireball Scud or maybe Atomic Scud. Pretty cool. I like it.
  10. Do you both use your telephone to browse? I think we've narrowed it down to that. Try on a mainframe and see if you still have the problem. I also believe one guy was able to fix his problem by changing a setting.
  11. Creek chubs only get to six inches long according to the internet. His fish is at least twice that big.
  12. In North America, the round whitefish is found from Alaska in the northwest to Labrador and New England in the east. With the exception of Lake Erie, the round whitefish's distribution includes the Great Lakes. The range map here shows the range of the fallfish to exclude most of Ontario https://www.hookhack.com/html/fom110113_fallfish.html Going by range, it's most likely a round whitefish, but it could be a fallfish, depending on where in Ontario you are, and on how accurate the range data is. I think you would need to bring the fish into a real, local fish guy to know. I'm still not sure you would know for sure.
  13. I originally started this post because I thought we might each think how we could do better ourselves, I have. Instead, it has turned into a thread of what everybody finds offensive about everybody else. I guess it's a lot easier to see how other people offend us than it is to see how we might offend other people. That's OK, at least we're talking about it. If we don't at least talk about it, things just seem to get worse. The "Broken Windows" effect. The broken windows theory is a criminological theory that states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes. While we're mostly not talking about serious crimes here, the effect is the same.
  14. round whitefish Fallfish and round whitefish look very much alike. It's a tough call.
  15. It looks like what we call a round whitefish in Alaska. It won't hurt other fish populations. Many people put them in ponds to help make them healthier.
  16. Dang it, couldn't get there.
  17. I'm always afraid that fish are going to bite on anything that doesn't have a hook in it, but I get the concept.
  18. I almost never tie or fish smaller than 16. I did tie up a few 28s once just for the fun and challenge of it. I use them in high mountain streams when the grayling are very small (6-8 inches), but honestly larger flies work much better there because the grayling are very hungry, (they survive by eating pollen for part of the year) and they will eat almost anything they can fit in their mouths. For the most part, 10s and 12s are the smallest I "need" to go.
  19. Wait, you didn't tell us what the advise was. I do stop and chat when I come up to someone else but I don't fish, I chat for a while and move on. I find it hard to fish and chat, especially fly fish, because I like to look at people when I talk to them, and I guess I talk with my hands a lot. That, and I don't want to encroach. I don't mind telling people what the hot fly is or where we did well. Fortunately when I'm ready to be by myself again, there's plenty of room to do that in most of Alaska. I don't spend very much time on high pressure fisheries. I like to fish for dumb fish, not the smart ones. There's plenty of dumb fish in the sea, ya just gotta go to the right "sea".
  20. 18 & Under on a Renzetti I was going to say I don't know very many people under 18 years old that tie on a Renzetti, but I guess there could be a couple😁
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