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  1. It was actually above freezing all three days we fished. It was pretty comfortable. The term they use for people that don't like the cold up here is "Ice Wimp"😁 Have fun at Steve's. I'm moving one of the fish houses tomorrow, wanna help? It will be 9 above.
  2. I'm sure you guys will have a blast. Say "HI" for me.
  3. So far we've had some salmon straight up and I made some chowder with the crab and king salmon along with some shrimp, clams, scallops and rock fish. It is good eating. I haven't heard from Mike but I think he's secretly wishing he lived here. It's 8 above today. Not bad at all. We had a great time. Thanks Bud.
  4. I have blind casted for silvers and all other species of Pacific salmon in streams. I have also "mooched" for silvers on flies in the ocean. I have "sight" casted for pinks, sockeyes, kings, chums, and silvers in streams. The ones in this post were all caught by conventional methods, trolling in the ocean, in the winter. As far as I know, it's the only way we can catch them in the winter. The crabs were caught in pots.
  5. It's too cold to smoke up here right now. We'll eat some like they are and when it warms up, we'll smoke some too. Thanks everybody
  6. I think you are right. We had some of the fish last night and it was superb. Can't wait to run out of it so we can go again.
  7. This week end a friend and I went down to Homer Alaska to fish for winter king salmon and catch tanner crabs for the table. We were each lucky enough to catch a limit of kings and crabs each of the three days we were out. We were blessed with great weather and great fishing, can't wait to go again.
  8. You know, you don't need a recipe. Modify one you like to look like the one you want. You can change colors to black iridescent colors, add or subtract for bulkiness and trim the head the way you want. Go where no man has gone before. Be brave, experiment.
  9. You sure are hard on yourself. You are a perfectionist for sure.
  10. Maybe I'll try putting some tape over my side covers and see if it improves the picture. Thanks
  11. I use cocoons too. Mine are completely plastic and have not warn. They also have tinted side panels so there is no need for blacking out. I buy a new pair every year so I'm sure they are the newest version. They only problem I have with them is, I look funny wearing them, I might look funny even when I'm not wearing them.
  12. A clip like that mysteriously showed up in my mail yesterday for which I am eternally grateful for. I think it will work great for me. Thanks.
  13. No. wolves are not protected in any way except on ebay. They are on the CITIES list but that's only for if you want to ship them overseas because they are protected in some countries.
  14. Sure, tie a Gold Rib Wolf Hair Nymph, or a Wolf Tail Nymph or any wet fly that uses black fur or black fur with silver tips. Any of the underfur can be used for dubbing. The guard hairs can be used to sub for any similar hair like squirrel or coon etc. Don't be afraid to use it on flies that don't call for "wolf hair" There are no rules really. Experiment. Have fun. But of course, you already knew all this.
  15. I really like all of your hair wing salmon flies Norm. For me, they have a certain je na sais quoi.
  16. I'm like you. Mine is almost at eye height on a pedestal. This allows me to tie while the fly is vertical and I have, almost, exactly a side view, and I have lots of room for hand clearance and the bobbin holder underneath the fly. I'm petty sure my hands are bigger than average and I like to hang my bobbin holder under there with line out for winding. I re-wind the bobbin a lot less for hanging with room under the fly. I also have lots of room under there for spinning a dubbing noodle.
  17. 107 fish on Sunday with Cassie and other friends. Shhh..... don't tell anybody. Cassie's Mom caught the biggest one, a 20 incher. The two smaller ones were kept because they were injured.
  18. Nice stuff guys, thanks. Soft hackles.... got it.
  19. I'm sorry for you. I've given up drinking, smoking and swearing. I'd hate to lose the womanizing or the fly vise!😄 Seriously, I have a regal and I like it.
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