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  1. DF, that's an awesome video, I love stuff like that. Thanks vic, some good info. I will keep that in mind. I generally don't smoosh the barb until I'm in the field because I don't no if I'm fishing for the pan or catch and release, or if I'm fishing for an IGFA record. I'd really hate to break a hook after I've already tied the fly. Thanks
  2. Thanks Norm, I think I will have to tie me some. Not like those though, just regular flies. I might need a while before I can tie those purty ones. utyer, Herters was just going out of business in the early 80's when I first moved the Minn. and started pursuing the outdoor sports like some kind of crazy man. They had everything, kind of like Cabelas today, or Bass Pro shops, or Sportsmans Warehouse. Man we got it good these days.
  3. Mogup, Nice, I know what you mean about trying to keep it simple. I think he will say, "Yes, more please"
  4. I was going to make a joke about a "pooper coating" but I couldn't think of anything classy to say. Go figure.
  5. Not to be nit-picky, but he earned money for his golden flute, (yes, a flute made of gold) by selling the feathers he stole to other tiers at very high prices. He may have sold some flies too, but the book made no mention of it. (not that I remember).
  6. Mike, as Gene said, he's not the good guy in the book, he's the evil villain. The author tried to make himself the "hero", "The Blue Chatterer, defender of wildlife". He can't fly or see through walls though. He doesn't have any super powers at all.........and he actually doesn't catch anybody or save any animals. I think he writes pretty good though. You'd have to read the book to know that though. Just teasing, there's not going to be a quiz.
  7. tjm, yes I could tell the fibers were too long for small flies. Dang it poopdeck, how many demerits does that violation carry. As I understand it though, I took it to mean that you tied the leader on with a snell and then tied the fly. Then I wondered why you wouldn't just tie the leader into the fly in the very first step with a bunch of wraps, like you would a trailing hook or one of those fancy salmon hooks with no eye (where you tie in the cat gut). Put some glue on there and then tie the fly. Seems the latter would be best, no?
  8. I was going to say, Wisconsin might be the place to look for orange badgers cuz that's the badger state. I think all their badgers are green and gold though. Mogup, yes, that's my experience too, the big does have the most, more than 5 times the bucks. It' thicker and longer too. I have a doe with three inch hair on the belly, and hair on the butt is over four inches long. The buck really only had about 10 sq. inches of good belly hair but the doe has over 100 sq. inches. Both of them had good butt hair. Poopdeck, My quest started when you posted a while back about the irregularity of the 10 packages you bought. I was thinking, if a guy had the opportunity to select the deer belly hair he wanted before it got to the feather and fur salesmen he could save himself having to buy a bunch of so so stuff. I got enough from one good doe to last me a lifetime, unless I really go to town spinning deer hair. It didn't cost me anything but a few minutes washing, fleshing and drying the hair. I did have to promise to take the guy on a fishing trip, shucks. My buddy went to a butcher in Wisconsin and asked if he could get some skins. The guy said, "Take all ya want" so he did and sent them to me with a bunch of tails. Now that I know what to look for, if I ever need more I will just ask for the doe skins.
  9. Gene, I wish you the best my friend. I haven't done any simulators yet but I feel some coming.
  10. I was born in 1961 so....no, I don't remember him. I'm no expert but I have 7 rods from 3 wt to 16 wt. I love them all. Catching my big laker on a 5/6 wt was really a blast though.
  11. T, Interesting, thanks. I think I'm going to try some snelled flies. Now that you guys mentioned it, I think I do remember seeing some snelled flies somewhere.I never checked to see if there was an eye there.
  12. Norm, are you going to frame the set, I'd love to see that when it's done. I think I saw some orange died badger in the estate stuff I got, I'd be happy to share with you. I'll check. ( edit, Sorry, no died orange badger hackle (got green and yellow), but I got every color under the sun of the schlapple.) Have a good time at the show. Otherwise, I'm sure orange badgers are rare and even harder to catch. No wonder you're having a hard time finding some. Mogup, I'm doing a little study on belly hair, I collected a few hides, all from the same area and same time of year. I'm seeing a lot of variation in how much white hair is on each animal and how thick it is. Have you noticed the same thing or have you seen enough of them to notice? Can you show us your flies?
  13. I got a lot of stuff from an estate sale and I'm sorting through it. There's some really neat stuff, like an old Herters Vise. There's also some stuff that makes me laugh. Does anybody remember these? I could use them for wings or tails, but It says they are dry fly hackles. They are an inch long. Were they intended to be used for hackles? Look at these hooks, they don't have eyes, just the flattened part where the eye would be. Does anybody know what they are for? What are they called? What could I use them for? I got a bunch of them from size 2 to 16. Thanks
  14. I'm continuing to work through the Index of Orvis Fly Patterns. The first Orvis book I had featured six of the most popular flies with instructions. The Index has untold millions of flies in it. I did the first six then started on the index. I'm to page 4. Here's the Brown May Fly The Red Quill The March Brown The Gray Fox and the March Brown This exercise is making me a better tier. By the time I get through the book I could be pretty good. I'm learning a lot of new stuff. What are you working on?
  15. You guys watch out for those notorious Classic Victorian Salmon Fly thugs.
  16. Thanks, Tire. I just tied some blue wing olives, but for the life of me couldn't figure out the BWO. (hand hits forehead)
  17. Poopdeck, Yes, maybe a little apologetic, I have gotten some grief for keeping large rainbows and char. Some people don't understand about a "put and take" fishery. I also love to eat perch and crappies from the ice, pike are good too. There's nothing fresher than a fish that's frozen before he dies. I have fond memories of ice fishing walleye, perch and crappies through the ice in Minnesota "ay", sunnies too. Mike, we have a ton of char up here, but really not many brookies, I have to fly to south-east Alaska to find them, cutthroat too. People also mistake these char for brown trout.
  18. Those are some "hella" hellgramites and stone cold, stone flies.
  19. t, I'm smelling what you're stepping in.
  20. Poop, I'm with you on your whole first paragraph. Kind of with you on your second. There's something to be said for not reinventing the wheel. Everything (almost everything) builds off of what others did before them. I'm spread very thin. My wife scowls at me when I spend too much time talking here with you folks and tinkering with things. Or when I load up the truck for fishing too many times a week. One day is fine, two are allowed but when I go three times a week, I am pushing it ( I push it quit a bit). We are so far behind. If my time is worth $100.00 an hour (I don't make $100.00 an hour when I'm making custom knives, more like 20.00, but I earn my company $100.00 an hour when I do company stuff). I have to decide if it's worth it to me to start with a $500.00 vise or build one from scratch. Or, more importantly, do I want to take time off from fishing to stay home and build a vise from scratch, I've already had to cut back my fishing time to try and catch up on work. Bazzer would say I have built a whole new vise. I wish everybody the most fun tying, and fishing.
  21. Les, yes, "stuck" seems to be the wrong word. Steeldrifter, Yes they are, one of my dreams is to go up north and catch a 40 pounder in full spawning colors on a fly. Thanks everybody.
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