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  1. Trophy hunting is the major tool for wildlife managers to control animal populations.
  2. Mike, I got lots. The animal wants to eat you, are harm you. It happens more often than you'd think (You touched on that one) The animal is sick or suffering. It's past it's breeding age and is killing other important animals of it's species or others. (happens with most predators and some other species) Managing animals at lower than the carrying capacity of the land they occupy, not just over populated herds. Civilized man learned a long time ago that if you manage animal populations at about 80% of carrying capacity wildlife is healthier and not susceptible to boom and bust cycles that are common in nature when populations are allowed to grow larger. That's what modern wildlife management is about. It's more humane, nature kills primarily by starvation and disease to manage wildlife. The word "humane" comes from "Human", nature doesn't know about the concept. Some game populations need to be managed (at healthy levels, not just if they are overpopulated) whether or not you eat them, bears and wolves for instance. We hunt bears and wolves up here so there are more moose, caribou and sheep for everybody, not just those that want to eat them. And guess what, if there are more moose, caribou and sheep, there can be more bears and wolves. They will need to be managed though. There are lots of animal populations that are larger now due to human encroachment than they were before westerners came to the Americas, white tail deer for example, or most deer species for that matter. I got more if you are interested.
  3. Gene L. PM me. 4 left if any one else wants a finger bar for your HMH. I'm sure they will work fine on any vise with a 10-32 threaded hole. No charge, this site is great and the people here are nice, I'm trying to be nice too.
  4. Hi Barry, No, it's not that I wasn't satisfies with it, I'm asking it to do some things it wasn't designed for. I wanted it to spin like the Norvise. I was just so enamored by the way the Norvise spins dubbing. Why not just buy a Norvise? I don't like the way all that stuff is directly behind the hook, I need room back there for my big hands and tails of flies to lie straight. Especially for very small flies. I think I will have a Norvise/HMH hybrid. I'm sure I would have had to do the same thing with a LAW or your new vise to get the same properties. So far, the jaws my HMH came with work fine for every hook I put in it except the 11/0. That's to be expected, I'm quite sure it wasn't designed for that.
  5. rstraight, I just got the bearings in the mail today, so, not yet. I'm going to make a whole new bearing housing for that knuckle so that I can keep my vise original. The vise actually comes with bronze bushings in it but the outside diameter of the bearings are larger than the bushings and it would require boring out that part on the vise to accommodate the bearings. It actually spins pretty nice like it is but not like the Norvise (yet).
  6. I made a finger bar for my TRV and I made five extras if anyone would like to have one. Just PM me your mailing address. they look like this. I also made a hand wheel with a small crank handle for mine. The hand wheel acts as a fly wheel to help keep the vice spinning when making dubbing noodles. It also holds my crank handle further off center and allows me to rotate the vise using the handle on the end. I had tried to use a crank handle on the end of the palm wheel but it wasn't far enough off-center to work properly. The crank handle that I made is a counter balance to the vise jaws. The vise spins smoothly without the weight of the off-center jaws throwing the balance off. I was able to spin this sweet little dubbing noodle (and others) kind of Norvise style. I've never been able to do that before. Sorry for everyone that lost homes in the CA. fires.
  7. Chug, the TRV holds 16s really well. I've tied a lot with it in the 12-16 range and see no reason why it won't hold smaller sizes well. When I do some, I will chime in.
  8. Wait, utyer, you got a scrubby for Christmas? I got a lot of stuff better than that, and I wasn't even a good boy last year. I'm going to try to be better. The flies look great.
  9. Very nice bowl Cream, Kimo I can't think of very many things that could be prettier than some of your flies, or the Creams flies in a bowl like that.
  10. Mr. Foster, you are correct sir.
  11. MikeChell, well, there are other reasons and animal might need to be killed but I agree that rare animals should not be killed just for what they are wearing.
  12. DF, a buddy of mine used to always say, "A guy that always puts his stuff where it belongs is just too lazy to look for a tool" Present company excluded, I'd hate to see you banished.
  13. Urine is nothing really, parents and pet owners scoff at the stuff, not even a blip on the radar. I mean, I don't drink the stuff but c'mon it's just pee. And after it's tanned or processed, it's just a color.
  14. I'm not being critical, far be it for me. The up-side down emergers like Kimo's in post #6 are very pretty, and his (your) skill is obvious ( I bow to the king) but is there are theory or practical reason how it works? Can some one explain it to me?
  15. DF, very cool idea, but your bench is way too neat. You need to mess it up a little.
  16. Generally, tungsten carbide is silver soldered onto steel.
  17. Mr. Tire. I can make one like that real easy, but I was going to make one that can go on the side like you show or on the end. One that swivels on a shoulder bolt. What do you prefer? PM me your address.
  18. No, I can't add anything new to the review but I am making finger knobs for the TRV, would you like one?
  19. rstraight, Yep, it's been horrible. I had to come back to work in the shop a couple days to get some rest. Fishing through the ice isn't as much fun as fly fishing but I like it a lot. In the last few day the most notable catches were a 24 inch char and a few 4 to 4 1/2 pound rainbows.
  20. Happy New Year Mark- I noticed Davie Mcphail and Oliver Edwards both angle their LAW vise upward when tying some flies and they are not wrapping materials using the rotary feature. See the photos. I assume that in some cases they prefer more room around the fly or maybe they just want it a little higher above their desk? Thanks, I can see the advantages of tilting the jaws up, especially on very small flies. I'm still working out how i'm going to use the vise. I will probably do some of both, just like the pros. I haven't used it much in the last five days, fishing got in the way. But I am liking it very much.
  21. Scott, yours are more in the same genre that I love to see.
  22. Flytire, There's a lot to be said for all that. I can see the attraction of tying them just for the art. They are beautiful. There are a couple other guys around here that tie in the same genre, and tie very nicely, I like them all.
  23. Dfoster, is that possible and still use it as a TRV? Thanks, I will try it both ways but I'm really liking the rotary vise.
  24. Mr Tire, I very much enjoy seeing the the flies you post. Always the highest attention to detail. And always a pleasure to see. You must have pile of them. Do you tie a few of each specimen or just one perfect rendition of each? Do you fish them? Do you pretty much only tie for salmon? Do you pretty much only fish for salmon? Would you mind posting a shot of some open boxes with all that "Salmon Candy" in them. Thanks for showing us.
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