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  1. I could give that method a try with the one I have, just use one of the "hooks" on it. Thanks M
  2. Holy smokes, there is a lot of good info in there, Thank you very much.
  3. I'm filling my fly boxes. I love filling fly boxes. I get a real sense of accomplishment when I fill one up. Right now I'm going through an Orvis fly tying manual and tying all the flies in it. It gives me practice and I am learning a lot of the old stand-by flies. All of them are fishable in our waters. So far, I've done Wooly-Buggers, Bead head Soft Hackles, G.R. Hares Ear Nymph and the Adams. I added some moose hair to the body of some of the Adams to make them mosquitoes. This exercise is getting me to do things I haven't done before, like make my own hare and musk rat dubbing. I compared the natural hares ear dubbing to the ready made and like the natural much better. It gives the nymph a much more organic appearance to me. So now the two major things I am going to work on are fly-to -fly uniformity and appropriate head size. What are you working on these days?
  4. I have a dubbing loop spinner but I don't like it. Here it is. It drops the loop if you aren't careful when winding around the hook and it's awkward to use. I saw one in the Orvis fly tying manual that has two separate hooks that held the loop, when you twisted the loop, they come together. I kind of like the looks of that. I'd like to see what you guys recommend. I've seen the brush makers with the plexiglass clamp but I think that's a little over engineered for me. I'd like to keep it simple. Thanks Mark
  5. Perfect, thanks. I was just hoping I wouldn't invest a bunch of time here only to have it go down a bunch. I feel better now.
  6. I would love to see some flies for trophy swordfish. Would that be the same as for all bill fish, marlin and sail fish or would they be just for swordfish in particular? I'm not sure if their habitats overlap. As I remember, swordfish are off the north east coast of US, and billfish are mostly around Hawaii.
  7. We felt it, and stuff was swinging around on the walls here but no damage here. We are 350 miles north of the epicenter. No one got killed from this one but there was a lot of damage south of us.
  8. Very nice. For bass, pike? Thanks! These are mainly for trout, but I also bring some when I go fishing along the coast here in Norway. Amazing, we, or I guess I, don't normally think of something like that when I think "Trout Fly". Um, big browns? Yes, targeting the really big ones in May when the fishing starts! But I also use these fishing saltwater on the westcoast of Norway for seatrout, cod or pollock Very cool. I wonder if something like that would work for trout over here, or would it be too flashy. Is there a SBS for these somewhere? I would try them in the salt water here.
  9. good luck http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=86877&p=719578 I did get my order, very quickly and exactly what I wanted. I was impressed and going to post very good stuff about it and then the Green Caddis site went down and this whole site went down with the same message. So...
  10. I haven't been able to log in here for a few days. It is just me or everybody? It's been really affecting my work and home life. Been getting way too much done around here without the diversion. It's a serious problem. Does it happen often?
  11. Very nice. For bass, pike? Thanks! These are mainly for trout, but I also bring some when I go fishing along the coast here in Norway. Amazing, we, or I guess I, don't normally think of something like that when I think "Trout Fly". Um, big browns?
  12. These are very nice, good luck. Let us know how you do.
  13. To me, they mess up the whole job of the tippet. The tippet and the knot at the tippet are supposed to turn the fly over and lay it out on the water properly at the end of your cast. You can't do that with a clip. It seems to me the clip would foul and hang the fly improperly more times than not. Other than that, to me there are few things prettier than a well tied fly attached to the leader with a well tied knot.
  14. Sometimes my flies are under-dressed, sometimes they're over-dressed, but I have the same problem dressing myself. Good thing I have a wife. She can't help me with my flies though.
  15. I'm staying away from this one for now, I'm afraid of another rabbit hole. I have three CNC mills. This would not be good for me.
  16. Wow. Some people got some nerve. Thank you for your insights, I appreciate it.
  17. Hi Poopy, (still sounds a little informal to me). Yes, I originally started this whole project to tie for myself, to catch fish. Not to save money, I'm sure I haven't done that, but for the sense of self accomplishment. I've gone so far as to land on a remote river with just bare hooks and fishing line, gather up feathers and fur from the environment around me, tie flies and fish. That's the kind of "crazy" I am. I try to make sure there's red in my socks so I have some red thread to tie with if I need it (is that cheating?). I never aspired to have a fly named after me, but stranger things have happened. I wouldn't hate it if it happened. I don't think I could get rich doing it. Much to my wife's dismay money is not a motivation for me. Neither is fame. I just like to do things well. When I started knife making, and still, lots of people said "There's nothing new you can do in knife making, it's all been done. There's only so many way's to attach a piece of sharp metal to a handle" But because I approached it from a different direction, and because I didn't know the "right" way to make a knife, I came up with some different stuff. I broke a lot of rules and took a lot of grief for it but I developed a distinct style that is recognizable. I invented a new knife, got it patented and now it's a big part of what I do. I continue to do things in knife making that nobody has seen before. Some of it is not good, and some will tell you they never want to see it again, but every once in a while something sticks. I have a five year back log in custom knife orders now. It's seriously cuts into my tying and fishing time. Everything that has ever been done, at one time had never been done before. Innovation come from imagination, unfortunately greatness seldom does. You guys are king, and I understand and believe everything that you're saying. I have a lot to learn from you. I don't have aspirations of becoming the next great Popovich I just want to have fun, catch fish and do things well. Thank you, regards. Mark
  18. Do you have any pictures of it? I 'spose I could Google it but is there a link to the FFF fly pattern encyclopedia? Probably on this site somewhere.
  19. I would love to see that fly. In your mind would you call it an original or a variant?
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