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  1. Those are all very handsome, thank you very much.
  2. That's what I have been doing with my spinner but it's a little awkward to use, and it drops the loop if I'm not careful. I sure like the way the Petitjean worked.
  3. I think heavier fits my style better, and probably two hooks, but I'm going to try this style, too. Thanks
  4. This brings me to the question, has anyone tried Sasquatch hair. Seems like it would be easier to get during molting season.
  5. Man, that's a lot of stuff. That aught to keep you busy most of the winter.
  6. Thanks for all the help everybody. I haven't made up my mind yet but I'm getting closer. Nothing says I have to get just one. Thanks again.
  7. I'd love to see them when you get done.
  8. Got it, very nice. The two blues match perfectly.
  9. heres one the others will have to wait spaghetti was deeeeeeeelicious That's nice. So that's pheasant tail and jay wing?
  10. Interesting. Not sure I could do that. I get frustrated easily. I'll get a tool.
  11. OK, I like this one. I think the way I would use it is to keep both hooks and use it to wind around the fly hook. After the winding is done and tied down to the hook, I will trim it off instead of trying to unhook the twister from the dubbing loop. Does that sound reasonable, or do you do it differently?
  12. That looks like a good one, do you like it? Who make it?
  13. No, I mean what flies are you working on? The flies man, the flies. By the way, what's "cold" there? Your eyelets never freeze there do they? You should come up here and go ice fishing with me. We went Sunday and caught 19. Rainbows, silvers, a king and a char.
  14. Are they the blue feathers? Can you show me some flies tied with them? Enjoy the 'sketty.
  15. I could give that method a try with the one I have, just use one of the "hooks" on it. Thanks M
  16. Holy smokes, there is a lot of good info in there, Thank you very much.
  17. I'm filling my fly boxes. I love filling fly boxes. I get a real sense of accomplishment when I fill one up. Right now I'm going through an Orvis fly tying manual and tying all the flies in it. It gives me practice and I am learning a lot of the old stand-by flies. All of them are fishable in our waters. So far, I've done Wooly-Buggers, Bead head Soft Hackles, G.R. Hares Ear Nymph and the Adams. I added some moose hair to the body of some of the Adams to make them mosquitoes. This exercise is getting me to do things I haven't done before, like make my own hare and musk rat dubbing. I compared the natural hares ear dubbing to the ready made and like the natural much better. It gives the nymph a much more organic appearance to me. So now the two major things I am going to work on are fly-to -fly uniformity and appropriate head size. What are you working on these days?
  18. I have a dubbing loop spinner but I don't like it. Here it is. It drops the loop if you aren't careful when winding around the hook and it's awkward to use. I saw one in the Orvis fly tying manual that has two separate hooks that held the loop, when you twisted the loop, they come together. I kind of like the looks of that. I'd like to see what you guys recommend. I've seen the brush makers with the plexiglass clamp but I think that's a little over engineered for me. I'd like to keep it simple. Thanks Mark
  19. Perfect, thanks. I was just hoping I wouldn't invest a bunch of time here only to have it go down a bunch. I feel better now.
  20. I would love to see some flies for trophy swordfish. Would that be the same as for all bill fish, marlin and sail fish or would they be just for swordfish in particular? I'm not sure if their habitats overlap. As I remember, swordfish are off the north east coast of US, and billfish are mostly around Hawaii.
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