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  1. Wait, you have an I phone 11? I still use my S7 that I got when my 5 went kaput. I don't do anything on my phone though, except make calls. I do all my viewing and posting on my desk top. And I'm with you, I don't beg for likes and views either. And I don't beg for or trade subs. with other guys either.
  2. I didn't put in the question β€œThis poll is a solution looking for a problem” because the problem came looking for me, people asked me to try to make things better, I did not go looking for a problem. One of the nicest guys ever to post on this site and one of the best fly tiers ever to post on this site stopped coming here. I asked him why. I didn't become a moderator and decide what I could do to stir things up a bit. I was approached by concerned members, then I asked the moderators to help, then they asked me to help them by becoming help a moderator. Since I have been coming to this site, there has been a problem of limited contributorship by newer tiers and ladies. People have been talking about it for at least two years. There are at least a few people that feel like everything that is posted isn't or shouldn't be open for critique. 5 out of 44 or just over 11 percent of the people that voted. 15 out of 44 or just over 1/3 said it was important to them if someone left or didn't contribute because of harsh treatment to others. Some did leave, and others don't post. To me that's more than a solution looking for a problem. Again, not a huge problem but some of us think we can do better. Less than half that voted said the site was fine the way it was (20 out of 44). That means more than half (55 percent) said it could be better.
  3. Norm, I have noticed that you regularly ask new people to post flies on "Flies from the vise" and guess what, we seldom get new posters. I know that it can be intimidating for new tiers to post. We have also noticed there are no female tiers posting and wondered why. Change does not happen by itself, you have to make changes to make change happen. I've been asked to try to make this already wonderful site just a little bit less intimidating so that new tiers, young tiers and lady tiers might feel more comfortable posting. Why so many people keep going back to your profile page, I couldn't say maybe it's because of the increasing interest in Sasquatch watching and you seem to have a connection. Best of luck on the blog, looking forward to more videos.
  4. Seems like that'll do it. Very nice.
  5. Actually I'd like to see the trout after they are smoked. I was thinking about tackling the fly tying room a little later on today. It depends on how long it takes me to finish up with the meat cutting. I'm down to the last of the moose and caribou for this year.
  6. Either way, lots of fun. Good on ya.Thanks for the picks.
  7. Wait, where's the after pictures. Nice looking spread dude.
  8. Oh goody, have him give me a call, (If he ever gets a boat) You can come too. Can I stay at his house too?πŸ˜„πŸ˜ Just teasing. Actually, I think the permits are harder to get than a boat, I might need a guide for the gator. I'll look into it deeper when I get more serious. I want to get a pig too and one of those feral roosters and some peacock bass. It'll be the Florida invasive species grand slam plus a gator.
  9. Hmm, I spell checked it before I wrote it. This is what I got. "the project created a real sense of comradery among those involved". Yours is good too. I think I'll post a poll to see what spelling people prefer the most. πŸ€ͺπŸ˜„
  10. I didn't think I'd get any votes if I put that in. Didn't want to push it.
  11. No body is saying this is a bad site, we are trying to make it the very best it can be. Please feel free to vote and please comment below if you like.
  12. I didn't say nobody was making money selling fly hooks and fly boxes. I didn't even say he wasn't making any money doing it. I said, I didn't think he was making money from this site. When's the last time you bought from him? I have a little bit of knowledge on that point. I once posted about helping to support this site by buying from Green Caddis Outfitters, the response was negative, waaaaay negative. Also, I run several web sites. It's very hard to make a nickle on a web site. People do, but it's hard (unless you're a Kardashian) There's just so much out there, competition is fierce.
  13. Way cool. Take a picture of her once you big camera hog.πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜„ Nice fish, love the muskie. I've never caught one of them on a fly.
  14. Are you sure those aren't all the same fish? 😁 Just teasing, nice fish.
  15. Please let us know why you come to this site. If you picked "other", please let us know what the "other" is.
  16. Very nice looking fly. I didn't get a chance to look at the video yet but I will when I get a chance.
  17. I think it just looks like that. I'm not really a partier. I don't even have that excuse.
  18. I don't pretend to talk for Will, the owner, but I'm pretty sure that this site is a lot like a boat for him, it's just a big money pit for him that he just keeps dumping money in. In short, he don't make much from us here. I'm sure, at first he thought it would be good for marketing but now he just keeps it up for "Good Will" He He.
  19. I was going to jump on you about starting the new thread yourself but you preempted it. Well played my friend.
  20. People come here for all the reasons you stated. None of them are exclusionary. But, when people come here, they want to enjoy it. Some people were not enjoying it and told me so. We can't make everybody happy, that's a fact, but we can try to do better. Again, no body said there should be no criticism. Criticism is good and healthy, when it's given in the right way for the right reasons. If given rudely, for the wrong reasons it does nothing but chase people away from here. All I'm saying is, be polite. I'm not doing it for myself. I haven't felt much harsh treatment personally (Except maybe from Barry, and I'm a big boy, I can take it) In fact, I personally have been treated very well here. People asked me to do this. To answer your question, I come here to become a better tier, to teach, to see what other people are tying and to display what I tie. In that order. The best we can to is make the world a better place. If more people come here and enjoy it, we have done that. Thank you for contributing to this thread.
  21. Sometimes people want to post something without necessarily being critiqued and it has made some people reluctant to post. Others feel like it's open season for criticism if it's posted on the forum. To help clear things up a little, here are some guidelines for critique on this forum. Do not critique unless critique is asked for. If you believe you could help someone do better, but they haven't asked for critique, simply ask them if they are open to critique. Only constructive criticism is acceptable. Constructive critique is done to help someone improve, not to show how much you know. If you are not able to help someone do better, it's better not to say anything. For example, instead of saying something like "The proportions are all wrong" say " Traditionally on that fly the tail is about one hook shank in length and the hackle is...." The former is not going to help anyone do better. In some cases, critique may not be asked for but it really may be necessary. In cases of proper fish handling, general safety precautions, and matters of ethics and legality, critique may not be welcomed but in the interest of a better community and community image it may be necessary. This is a locked version of this thread to keep it un-muddled. If you wish, you may still respond to the un-locked, un-pinned version of this thread below
  22. I'm not even sure if mine is organized anymore, it used to be.
  23. I know it, I have a problem. Not like these other guys, it's like they don't even see it. They're all good guys but c'mon. Thanks to the rest of you guys, your just trying to make me feel better, but you're all just enablers and you might be worse than me. See somebody.
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