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  1. I went into my fly tying room to look for my Opti-visors and this is what I saw. I should probably a little be ashamed but I'm really not. What with moose season and all I haven't had time to straighten up. It's probably all about priorities, and you can see where mine are. I'll get to it somewhere between goose season/soft water fishing and ice fishing. It's a mess, I know. They say the first step in solving a problem is acknowledging it. I think I see a problem.
  2. We had some guys break into the polar bear exhibit at our Anchorage zoo, one night, to roller skate in the emptied (for cleaning) polar bear pool. The mistake they made was assuming that the polar bears had been removed. For a while the song was "You can't roller skate in a polar bear pool. But you sure can try if you've a mind to."
  3. Ambitious indeed. Good luck my friend, and have fun. I know you can do whatever you want to do. I'm going to stay in my comfort zone for a while. ðŸĪŠ
  4. Sorry, I misconstrued what you said. ðŸ˜ą Thanks Bud.
  5. To talk to just the two or three individuals in PMs would have been less efficient because none of the rest of the members would have seen it. I would need to PM each member one at a time as the cases came up. Better to talk about it to the whole membership at once. No, I did not mention that there was interest by the owner, I said there is interest in the membership to see more, newer and female contributors to the site. Ive seen those kinds of comments since I started coming here. Change does not happen by itself, you have to make changes to make change. I'm attempting to. I started this thread yesterday. That's one day. The kind of change I'm talking about is long term change, change you don't see in a day, you are talking about short term change. I'm thinking it might take months or years to see the change I'm thinking of. In the mean time, hopefully, maybe, people will be more kind to each other. If not, I still have not wasted my time, people asked me to do this and I did. I made good on what I said I would do.
  6. Thanks I said what I said, I'm man enough to get what I get for it.
  7. I have never seen the movie. In this scenario, are you beating me up or am I beating you up? I personally don't think anybody's been beat up. If this is about the other thread, you can bring it back over there. I opened it back up and I like hearing your opinions.
  8. Here's an exchange that occurred not so long ago. I deleted the names because I didn't want to embarrass anybody but it is this exchange and others like it that caused me to write up the "Guidelines" Member number one- "A little constructive criticism- use a lighter background for dark toned flies. White is usually a good bet for dark flies but not so much for light ones. I like chartreuse or a medium tan. your tying is getting better! here are some I tied today, the Uni-Cord I just got is great for deer hair spinning! Member number two-"His pictures look a lot better than yours" Member number three-"A little constructive criticism?" Member number one-"Sure please, fire away" Member number three-"First, don't offer criticism of any kind unless it's asked for, some folks don't appreciate it. Second, on your Goddard's pack the spun hair more densely/tighter. They'll float better and it's easier to trim. Do you trim with a razor blade?" So you see I did not make that part up arbitrarily. Also, thank you Mike Chell for having my back I appreciate it. I wasn't, however, ready to lock this thread up, I think the discussion is a good one and I'd like to hear what people think. I don't really care for having the last word and locking up a thread. As long as people are respectful I would like it to be open. I'd like to take care of this thread myself, when I need some back-up I know I can count on you. Thank you. 😁
  9. That's more like it, I can feel the love. 😁
  10. If I ever get down there on my python, gator, iguana safari I'll bring you some moose steaks so you can taste it.
  11. Hmmm. That is a thought. But like SD said, the guidelines are not new, they have been in effect for 18 years, I'm just the lucky guy who wrote them down. I'm not sure that a vote would overturn rules that have been in effect for 18 years. I did put it to a vote before I posted it, I wrote it and asked the other moderators what they thought and if they would make any changes, they did not. I'm not sure that having a vote for everything that comes along would be an effective, efficient way to do things. In most organizations it's not done that way. I'm not even sure it's necessary, I have already taken the input of members here and made changes. I'm not all-knowing, and iron-fist ruling. It seems to me that most of the people are for it and it doesn't seem like I'm asking for much. Why is it important for someone to be rude? That having been said, you, or any body, can put anything they want to a vote if you (or they) want to. Click on "Start a new topic" the click on the "poll" button.
  12. I can't imagine fly casting with broken ribs.
  13. I had the same idea for classes at my shop. I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to it. Big job.
  14. Very nice fly. Sorry to hear about your wreck. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hows the bike?
  15. Here's the thing, I am a moderator, I have been asked to be one but I don't have to stay here, I have other things to do. I did not post anything arbitrarily, without consulting with the other moderators and without requests from other members to do it. IF YOU GUYS WANT, I CAN BE VOTED OFF THE ISLAND. Like I said, I have other things I can do. If I stay as a moderator, I will do what I can to make this already very fine forum just a little bit better, if I can. I thank you for your support. 😁
  16. Again, I am a moderator. What does it matter if I've only been a member here for two years, I've been asked to be a moderator. Maybe you should ask the head moderator how that came to be. I can see that you have 155 posts, I have 2,618. Why would your opinions be more valid than mine? Again, I did not make this stuff up. I was asked to do something to help make the forum a kinder place by current and former, LONG TIME members of this forum. Are you reading the whole thread or just skimming because it seems like you keep bringing up questions that have already been answered several times.
  17. Barry, all I'm asking is for people to be kinder to other people. If you walk up to another guy on a river while he's fly fishing, that you don't know, do you start telling him how to cast better? Even if he doesn't ask? If I present a bunch of knives on a table at a show and someone walks up and starts commenting about the mistakes I made on the knives, there's going to be a problem. Why is the internet different, why is anything posted fair game for criticism just because someone posted it? It's open for discussion sure, you and I both know there is a difference between conversation and critique. And there is a difference between constructive critique and tearing someone down to make ones self look knowledgeable. I did not make this all up, the guidelines I posted are recognized criteria for critique all over the place. In art school, the rules are much stricter than this. At knife shows there are clear rules of etiquette that are standard. You don't pick up a knife unless you are given permission to do so. You don't give critique unless you are asked to do it. Etc. These are not MY perceived problems, these guidelines are the results of conversations with other current and past members.
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