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  1. We have some pretty wild fish up here so they really aren't used to being burned on many flies. Even things that you wouldn't think would work up here work. For instance, Egg sucking leaches work really well but the only leaches we have up here are the egg sucking variety. We don't have any Blacknose Dace up here either but the fly works. For us, it's more about water conditions that determine if a fly will work or not (or something else going on). Last weekend the grayling in a particular stream near us were so full of salmon eggs, they weren't eating anything, not even salmon eggs.
  2. Yes, do it. Let us know what happens.
  3. Hi Mike, It's a wolverine, not that it matters much to your point. In the art world, they call what you are talking about "using a limited pallet" It is kind of thing. That's the nice thing about this endeavor, we can go in any direction we want. I'm sure it would be fun to see just what one could get away with in limitting the pallet. In the case with my current flies, I'm exploring the different ways to build a Blacknose Dace. The original called for all these elements ( the red tag, the body tinsel and the counter wrap tinsel, the three colors of wing, etc.) so I'm looking for different ways to build the fly using different materials for those elements. Certainly, the fly can be tied and successfully fished, I am sure, with fewer elements. It would be a fun experiment with that.
  4. I have some of those Norm, they are a little clumsy for me though and didn't hold onto the feathers very well. The examples you picture look a little better than mine. There must be different manufacturers and I got a poor quality one.
  5. More fun with Feather Daces. Flat wing. And standing wing. And a short hook. Any and all comments welcomed.
  6. Funny how we only see those things after we take the picture. It's very pretty and nicely done. Is the "whatchamacallit" next?
  7. I have lots of the wing stuff if anybody wants some. It's thinner than the Mylar sheet I have. Lem'me know if you want some. It looks like someone had been cutting some wings from it with a cutter before I got it.
  8. I got mine in the mail yesterday and I tried it out on a few things. In this case I was running out of enough tinsel to finish wrapping this hook shank with fingers alone. It worked well enough for that. I also tried it on various hackles. It worked really well on the butt ends of the the hackle, gripping better than standard hackle pliers, but on the tip of the hackles, it slipped easier than regular pliers. In summery, I would say, if you're looking for a new toy, you could get one. This one was eight bucks and some change from Amazon. It got here in 4 days. OTOH, if you already have hackle pliers that you are happy with, I'm not sure this would help you much. If you want me to try this tool on anything in particular, let me know.
  9. Thanks guys. I say first attempt, it's the first one completed. I re-did it a couple of times.
  10. It isn't slippery, I had no trouble with that. You are right, it isn't hollow like the deer hairs are so it doesn't flair.
  11. Here's something fun, Blacknose Dace with just one animal. Here's a wolverine head and neck skin with a nice throat patch on it. I clipped three colors of hair from it, tied a fairly sparse one from it, and a couple of shaggier ones. One thing I noticed about wolverine hair is it doesn't taper as much as other hairs and furs. When you stack it, the ends look chopped. Then just for fun I tied one with all feathers, my first attempt at marrying wings.
  12. Done playing with Mayflies for a while. Here's the hatch.
  13. There ya go, now we know. Thank SC
  14. Now you're talkin' about music. "The Wall" is my all time favorite PF album though.
  15. Oh please somebody shoot me. Never mind, I already died of boredom 😁😋. I'll take "Get Back" (by the Beatles) any day.
  16. I didn't know any of them were toxic. Are they? What's toxic in them?
  17. Hi Chris, Nice looking fish. Hard to believe he lives in that muddy looking stream.
  18. Bryon, I just looked at that boat on line and I think you are right, it's pretty amazing. I'm not sure if it fits the OPs needs but only he can answer that question. It's a pretty cool boat. Thanks for telling me about it.
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