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  1. Just got back in town. Thanks Bud, The girls might have to drink a bottle on me. Well, not on me, that would be just weird.
  2. Both of those flies are perfectly suitable for fishing. They are also not bad for looking at. Are they perfect no, but what is perfect? Perfect to one guy is not perfect to another. If fish are hitting prince nymphs the day you go fishing, they will hit those.
  3. Hi D, Yes please, I'd like a couple of corks if it's OK.

    My address;

    The Cutting Edge

    1971 Fox Ave.

    Fairbanks AK.


    Thank you very much, what can I do for you?


  4. You know, someone mentioned to me that Prosecco would be something for me to get. It seems silly for me to buy a bottle for the cork. If it's no trouble, and you don't mind could you send it to me please. Maybe two in case I mess the first one up. I'm not sure if wine cork is as durable as rod cork, maybe Steve can chime in.
  5. I say get it, Jack needs a new boat.
  6. Perfect, I'll check out as soon as I get a chance. Thanks.
  7. White marabou with some pink mixed in. I mix in some white deer hair to simulate bones, just a couple of fibers.
  8. Very nice, I don't have time to look at it now, packing for the moose/grayling trip. I will check it out when I get back though. Thank you.
  9. Please, post the video. I'm sure we would all like to see it.
  10. Kind of Woolly-Bugger-ish. Looks "killer" to me.
  11. Where are you fishing James? Usually Dollies aren't that challenging to catch. I suspect they were just "off the bite". They can get full pretty easily. How many different times did you try? Not casts but visits to the creek. I suggest trying at first light after they have spent the night in the dark not feeding so much. If you can see the fish, you can see what they are doing. Are they eating anything? If not, there's your answer. If they are eating, find something to match that. Egg patterns work well, on or near the bottom. Look at the eggs you see in the water and fish egg patterns that match those eggs. If the the eggs in the water are white (from being washed out) and you are fishing a different size and a different color, it could make a difference when they are full. They get really finicky. Flesh patterns work well too, this late in the season when salmon are starting to fall apart.
  12. Mark Knapp


    That's a pretty good one. I use a guy in Florida that does replicas. He does pretty good and charges ten bucks an inch. I bet he has an 18 inch grayling form. PM me if you want his info. Come on back any time, we got lots of room.
  13. Wait, you left out the most important part of the story. Did he catch the bass? And is he now hooked on fly fishing?
  14. Very cool Bruce, watching closely and waiting for more.
  15. Very good, now go tie something.
  16. Way to go Landon, your improvement is evident and impressive. Now, remember this, do not get a fat head about it. There is always someone who knows more about it than you do and you can always learn something from anybody.
  17. I love (or very much like) this. I have some apprentices and that statement pretty much hits the nail on the head. Not that I am comparing myself to a Japanese swordsmith.
  18. Thanks Bud. Now go catch some of those notoriously hard to catch sunfish!!😋
  19. I am very sorry to hear this. Take care.
  20. That may be finn coon. It's very popular for garments. Shorter than coyote and often in brown color. Nice fly.
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