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  1. The fighting butt on my Cabela's 9 wt. that I bought at a garage sale has broken off. I'm thinking of fixing it with a champagne cork if I can find a champagne cork. It dawns on me that I may have been mistakenly accused of being an elitist snob.
  2. Yeah, don't kill strippers, but take pictures of them if you want too.
  3. Sorry I'm late to the party. It probably really doesn't matter any more but here I go. Trout and any kind of fish or any kind of animal are individuals. A blanket statement like Trout are as easy to catch as sunfish" is problematic because it falls under the heading of generalizing. Some trout can be as easy to catch as sunfish. But, some trout can be much harder to catch than sunfish usually are. JMHO
  4. I think they look sa-weet. Nice job, Chug.
  5. I'll have to check it out when I get back. Thanks
  6. No, but I do think you have a very low tolerance for elitism and have set the bar for what is elitism very low. Almost like an "elite Anti-Elitist" Or dare I say, (at the risk of offending you, witch I really don't want to do because I think you're a good dude) a "snobby, Elite Anti-Elitist" Anyway, I'm off the grid early in the morning so you guys will have to play without me for a while. All the best my friend.
  7. Great flies. Not sure who in the world you could be thinking of but now that you mention hand made hooks, I have made my own steel (I'd have to make it into wire) from Alaskan ore and I think it would be the coolest thing in the world to have some flies tied and made from 100 percent Alaskan stuff, by hand. ( Norm, do you think that's absurd?) I'll be out on an extended fishing trip/moose hunt till Sept. 16th (I leave in the morning Wed.) with only one small jaunt through town in between. Please don't think I lead you on and then ignored your posts. I'm eagerly looking forward to following this.
  8. I'm not sure, but I think he may have been asking if it is too much like a lure to qualify as a fly instead of how much skill it takes to make it. The lure/fly thing pops up once in a while. I think that we are all of the opinion that it's just like a popper and is therefor not out of bounds. We'll allow it 😁.
  9. Come on up, give me some time to plan though, so we can do something.
  10. Well, you're just never going to be as good as us. 😄 You just don't have to tools it takes to become an elitist snob like us. 😁 I'm all self taught too. Although a couple of my friends have tried to reform me. I have $600.00-$1000.00 Sages that I got off eBay for $200.00 or traded knives for and I can't cast them well, am I still a snob?
  11. I'm too sure about ignorance, I don't even know what I don't know.
  12. Yes they can. I kind of like all that stuff though.
  13. You know me better than that, I have been accused of being a picture "horse" (sp)
  14. I'm with you completely. Although I will pick up a conventional rod when the conditions won't allow for fly fishing (like 6 foot seas and 15 mile an hour winds, gusting to 20) and I spent $700.00 for the airline ticket to my favorite salt water fly fishing spot. I leave in the morning.
  15. I see what you mean. I guess you never can tell. Thanks for the link.
  16. We make them out of moose antler bases and sell them in the shop. They are very popular, more so in cars than in boats, I think.
  17. OK, we won't bug you.
  18. Yep, I'm with you buddy. It's getting worse and worse. (people, not the heat. It's getting cooler here)
  19. Wait, was 'Squatch tying on it or was Norm using Squatch fur that he surreptitiously plucked from the sleeping former owner?
  20. Just curious, what make you say it's a female? My guess would have been male.
  21. Oh, you're like me, we might be on the fence. I think I'm and enthusiast, or maybe even a fanatic but not an elitist. The only other fishermen that I look down my nose at are the ones I see breaking the law. I think that's where I will draw my line between a fly fishing enthusiast and an elitist. Edit- Not that I'm really that worried about it either way. It just seems to be the theme of this thread and a couple of others.
  22. I don't know about that stuff but the book looks to be in great shape. I wonder if it originally came with a dust cover.
  23. Best answer I've heard so far.
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