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  1. I use mine. It has very long hackles. I could tie a fly with it (or many flies with it) every day for the rest of my life and never use it up.
  2. Ice will go out in the middle of May. Six months of ice fishing is good, less than six months of fly fishing is bad.
  3. Sorry to have done that to you.
  4. I am very interested. I'm holding off a little bit though because I've got so much going on right now. I'm afraid once I start it will be a huge distraction in my life (like an obsession).
  5. Would someone like to tell me what distinguishes a spey fly from another fly, please?
  6. I think that only means you didn't stay long enough. 😁 You'll just have to go again. Darn the luck.
  7. It WAS a blast, I go all winter. Last year I caught 789 fish from that lake. The biggest was my 28 inch rainbow. I'm trying to catch a new personal best 30 incher.
  8. You should have come straight to Fairbanks, Anchorage is a dump.😄
  9. Those are Kings (Chinooks) and silvers (Coho). We also have char and the rainbows.
  10. Yep, they are all stocked fish. It was a pike and burbot lake naturally then they took them all out and put in trout and salmon. It's been a huge success for a department that doesn't get to enjoy many successes.
  11. Funny thing was, the stove top worked and the propane heater, and fridge worked fine. We even used the propane oven the evening before, it just wouldn't work for breakfast. Another good reason to carry a metal snow shovel. We'll have all those problems fixed before the next trip. Of course, it'll be colder then.
  12. There's good days and bad days but generally the conventional fishing in the summer is usually pretty good. We can catch 20 to fifty fish a day. The fly fishing can be real good too. Thanks all.
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