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  1. I think that only means you didn't stay long enough. 😁 You'll just have to go again. Darn the luck.
  2. It WAS a blast, I go all winter. Last year I caught 789 fish from that lake. The biggest was my 28 inch rainbow. I'm trying to catch a new personal best 30 incher.
  3. You should have come straight to Fairbanks, Anchorage is a dump.😄
  4. Those are Kings (Chinooks) and silvers (Coho). We also have char and the rainbows.
  5. Yep, they are all stocked fish. It was a pike and burbot lake naturally then they took them all out and put in trout and salmon. It's been a huge success for a department that doesn't get to enjoy many successes.
  6. Funny thing was, the stove top worked and the propane heater, and fridge worked fine. We even used the propane oven the evening before, it just wouldn't work for breakfast. Another good reason to carry a metal snow shovel. We'll have all those problems fixed before the next trip. Of course, it'll be colder then.
  7. There's good days and bad days but generally the conventional fishing in the summer is usually pretty good. We can catch 20 to fifty fish a day. The fly fishing can be real good too. Thanks all.
  8. Finally got enough ice to fish safely. There's eight inches of ice, and believe it or not, people were driving on it. Not me. Here's the environment. Quartz Lake in interior Alaska. It's ten below zero. My Cabela's pop-up fishing shelter. It's insulated and heats really easily with a propane heater. In ten minutes, we had the first fish. The rainbows are pretty in this lake. Along with the rainbows, we have stocked kings, silvers and char. Here's a king. My buddy Dave with one of our nicest rainbows of the trip. This is the nicest one we caught on this trip, a 22 incher. We had planned to just eat, fish and sleep the whole three days, no cooking and no washing dishes. Everything's frozen so the water system in the RV wasn't going to work. Like all things mechanical, nothing was working in the cold. The microwave oven and the propane oven didn't want to work in my new-used 1991 class "C" mobile ice fishing headquarters either. We didn't even bring frying pans because we were just going to eat frozen sandwiches and chips. We ended up using a snow shovel to heat up the breakfast sandwiches. We caught about fifty fish in the three days and kept three of the biggest rainbows to eat, 20 to 22 inches long. Dave and I had a great time and can't wait to go again, next time with more winterization on the motor home and a bigger generator so the microwave will work. I almost forgot to mention the highlight of the trip was the thirty inch rainbow I watched bite my jig, I had him on for just a fraction of a second and then he spit the hook.
  9. Mark Knapp

    2020 MEMES

    That's a good one. Seems like this thread fits better in the lodge.
  10. Hang in there Buddy. It gets better, it really does.
  11. This is probably not the place to wage such a war. It could get very political and we stay away from political on this site. Try Trout Unlimited.
  12. Those pictures are just fine. I'm a loner too, I use a timer a lot when I want a picture of myself with a fish. Nice fish, and nice fishing.
  13. Hi everybody, I just deleted a thread that got pretty bad within the first few posts. The main reason was the use of the "F" word. Note to everybody. If you want to be deleted, use that word. The guide lines are pretty clear but if you don't get it, be polite. Here's the deal, anybody who starts a thread can set the parameters of that thread if it is in compliance with the general guidelines. Others can participate in that thread if they choose to, they can also choose not to participate in it. HighMountain can start any thread he wants as long as it is in compliance. My advise to you HighMountain is, don't be too pushy, be polite and maybe others here will play with you. HighMountainTieFlyer thinks he is so smart, shortly after he deleted his profile he re-registered under Tie me a Fly. I have gotten a chance to read his whole thread and decided his behavior was in-acceptable. He has been banned until the new year. Let's see if he can grow up a little. @HighMountainTieFlyer
  14. Very nice Norm. I like them very much.
  15. Just got back from three days of ice fishing. You guys have sure tied up a bunch of nice stuff since i was here last.
  16. I was a great time. We were able to get out before the 19 foot seas but had to shorten the trip to do it.
  17. I'm not familiar with that at all. This is just a camera.
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