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    I agree with and second all of this. The thing is, the less you have between you and the fly, the more sensitive YOU can be to a fish strike. IE, if there are no split shots or indicators/bobbers in the way, your line has a more direct connection to the fly. Sometimes I don't see a strike or even feel a strike, I just sense something different in the way a fly IS in the water. I call it "the force" as in "Use the force Luke". There's a different rhythm in the movement of the fly/line/and rod. I set the hook at anything that looks different, feels different or seems different. In my way of thinking, with those wooden indicators you are carving, you're bobber fishing. You could just as easily do it with a spinning rod. There's nothing wrong with it if that's what you want to do. I'm more successful and have more fun when it's just a rod, a line, and a fly, just like when I'm fishing dry flies.
  2. What did you use for bait? A grouse wing pinned into the back would be good. Yes, lure is very helpful, anything with some beaver castor in it. How can you tell it's a marten den? Can you post a picture of the den, and some clear pictures of some of the tracks leading to the den? I assume we're talking about the bottle snare you made for marten.
  3. I skipped ice fishing this weekend to plow our snow. 100 miles down the road where I was going to go ice fishing, they had no snow and someone caught a 28 inch rainbow in my favorite lake. New ice is hot.
  4. All very fine examples Mr. Sasquatch must be proud to have you as a tying buddy.
  5. I didn't think anyone would want to see pictures of snow but here ya go. They were predicting 7 to 15 more inches today but it looks like it's going to miss us to the south. My pet mammoth in the front yard. He likes snow. My back yard. My poor boat.
  6. I should have said parking lot. I don't have a yard, it's a parking lot really. I do the driveways and the walk ways for other people, they do have yards.
  7. Digging out of 14 inches of snow. Just got my whole yard done, now I'm going to go do some neighborhood old people. I was going to go ice fishing today because the fishing's always good on fresh ice. This sure puts a damper on ice fishing though, no one wants to fish in 12 inches of overflow.
  8. I think some spun deer hair, dragon tails, mop flies and squirmy worms would be in order. Woolly buggers and woolly worms too. Some Clousers and buck tails. And some Chell's blue gill gitters.
  9. Yep, they are big. We get one a year. Nice looking dinner there. Hard to beat tenderloin.
  10. That all makes perfect sense. Thanks.
  11. Yes, that's a Gopro camera that I rigged to the rifle but as it always happens, when it was time for a shot, there was no time to mess with a camera. Maybe next time.
  12. Wow, very nice. Maybe now she'll give you a little more room in her office for fly tying.😁
  13. The skis I have are bent, I suppose to carry the weight of the skier. If I put them on a flat surface there is a gap in the middle, under the ski about 1'' high. That makes turning hard. I thinking I will preload the skis so there is just a little rocker in them, about a half inch, so the low spot in the skis would be in the middle instead of the ends. Too funny about the extra ice holes.
  14. We don't like to fish in anything over 6 but you kind of have to pay attention to the wind and tide too. We can easily fish in a 10 foot swell but certainly not a 10 foot chop. If we had a 10 foot swell with a two foot chop (12 foot combined) we'd fish it. We stay the heck away from anything calling for 15 foot seas. Thanks Poop. You had mentioned a spring pole lathe before. I make a lot of tools for a guy with a spring pole lathe (forged lathe tools, but not really chisels)
  15. I just returned home from a salt water fly fishing trip and deer hunt. The trip was cut short by forecasts of 19 foot seas. Since we don't want any part of that in a 32 foot boat we came home early. On the way to camp the first day we stopped to catch some fish for camp. The fishing was good and we caught these in about a half hour. We didn't have our fly fishing gear set up yet, so these were all caught on conventional gear. The next day the weather was good so I spent some time fly fishing while my buddy stuck to the conventional gear. A nice big yellow eye rock fish caught on a Non-Pelagic Squid. And, a new species to add to my all-time fly-caught species list, a Vermilion Rock Fish. Making 29 Alaskan species on a fly all together. Not a new species for me but a Quill Back Rock Fish. One of about 45 ling cod we caught the next day between conventional and fly fishing. My buddy Rick getting ready to use the deep sea release to return a Yellow Eye Rock Fish he caught on conventional gear. A Copper Rock Fish. A 97 pound halibut on conventional gear. Then we took a few days off from fishing to do some deer hunting. Here's my first buck, a real dandy as far as Sitka Black Tails go. A little surf and turf for dinner tonight. This is him again in the skiff for the boat ride to the cabin. This is my second buck. We are allowed six each so my gracious host let me take them both while he did the calling. All in all, even though the weather was rainy and a little cold and windy it was a great trip. We brought home about 220 lb's of deer meat and fish fillets. We put the boat away for the year, can't wait till next year.
  16. Hi D, I didn't get to use the Olivers yety but I did get to repair my nine wt. rod with a cork you sent me, thank you very much. Mark
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