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  1. Very good D. I didn't know there were fresh water herring.
  2. Real good, I will post pictures here later, when I get them uploaded.
  3. Yes, good thing. You can put a stick over the snare to make sure dogs don't get in the snare, it's called a stepping stick. It forces dogs to step over the snare and lift their head so feet and muzzles don't go in. These sticks don't deter rabbits from going in, they go right through, under the stick.
  4. Nope, was he OK. The very last thing you want to do is catch peoples pets.
  5. You are welcomed. Maybe you are restricted from using traps for fear of catching someones pets with a trap in your more urban setting. It's much less likely with a snare.
  6. Boxes are heavy, and do not nest. It takes a lot of time to pack them around with no roads. When I use cubbies, I use plastic planters. They are cheap, they nest, they are light weight and durable.
  7. I would say yours are very reasonably priced and well worth the money. Nice job. If I wasn't a maker, I would certainly buy some.
  8. Martin are not weary of human scent. You don't need to worry about it at all. Not for lynx either. Only the dogs, fox, coyote and wolf.
  9. Not for me, no basses, but it's a nice offer.
  10. Did you straighten the "straight" part on yours, or did you leave the "In-step" in? Mine was very hard to turn when it had the hollow under the middle. I'm actually thinking of putting a little "rocker" in the skis so it even turns a little easier. What happened to your face?
  11. I assume, and that might be a problem, that still water stockers (or lake-bound) are different from still water wild fish (lake fish that have outlets, stocked or not) We have a lot of the former and not a lot of the latter. We fish them with the normal dries ( mosquitoes, gnats, terrestrials) when they are hitting dries. For wets we use scuds, nymphs, and caddis. Again, assuming you're not talking about Lake Trout.
  12. Very nice D. Pretty water and pretty fish and very nice fly. Is "herring" a local colloquialism for that fish?
  13. Mark Knapp


    Put your' foam in water, and squeeze it, let it go. Now take it out of the water and squeeze it again. If water comes out, it's open cell and not good for indicators. If no water comes out, it's closed cell, good for indicators.
  14. Very nice. As a guy that has worked with his hands his whole life, Arthritis is one of the things I fear the most. Best wishes to you on that.
  15. I think the main point is, and it's an important one, when you deviate from a popular fly pattern, for what ever reason, you need to tell people it's a deviation or a "variant" and not the way it was originally tied. I don't think anyone is being overly critical if they point that out. People can be knit-picky at times, in this case I think it's completely within-bounds.
  16. He is one of the few that left because he thought some people were being treated poorly here.
  17. Those would also be killer for some of the Steelhead waters up here.
  18. I got the surgery when it started to effect my fly casting. I had it done almost 10 years ago and it was well worth it. Quick recovery and no re-occurrence.
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