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  1. We were using sinking lines. I think our pre-class materials suggest 4-6 ips. You’re stripping pretty quickly though since you are trying to beat the waves shoving your line back to shore. They suggested this gives a good darting motion that will draw the fish. I didn’t catch anything, but we couldn’t work the beach due to the size of the class and I’m a terrible fisherman anyway.
  2. This is a video from a guide in Monterrey named Evan Praskin where he talks a bit about set up. He and some guys from Lost Coast Outfitters taught a surf fly fishing class I took this past weekend in SF. Recommendation for stripers and surf perch from them were shooting head systems. They had the poles set up with a 25lb flourocarbon leader with a drop loop half way down. Chartreuse clousers at the end and some type of smaller crustacean bug at the loop. Evan and the guys said that stripers and perch will bite on just about anything with the correct presentation.
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