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  1. Yep, scenes like that make me glad I live in a 1 flashing light town.
  2. Thank You, I'll order after a quick look threw to see if I need something else.
  3. I don't have a local fly shop except for Sportsman's Warehouse 1/2 hour south. or a place in Ketchum, Idaho that charges 5x what something is worth. The other day I was looking to try out some Veevus thread. I tried to order some from a online shop to order a bobbin of 6/0 and 8/0. I clicked on one of them price x.xx plus x.xx shipping, then clicked the other and they wanted another buck to put that second bobbin in the envelope. Yea, kinda pissed me off. Anybody know a online fly tying material place that wont nickel and dime a guy. Thanks.
  4. Truth be told, while I was in Utah, I was a bridge builder. I rarely had time to wet a fly, so on my best day maybe a handful of hatchery fish.Look forward to your next video.
  5. Ernest Hemingway Liked fishing the Little Wood here in Idaho, where grasshoppers and trout are plentiful.
  6. Looks like you had fun. I have never fished in Colorado, but I have fished the Colorado in Utah. ;p. PS The cows are dumb, somewhat curious, and easy to shoo away. The bull on the other hand is worthy of attention.
  7. Southern part of the wood river valley.
  8. Sheep creek special, one of my top 5 go to's.http://stevenojai.tripod.com/sheepcrk.htm
  9. Just browsing, Will probably have questions soon.
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