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  1. on a fly on a chilly Fri morning
  2. Thanks for all the kind greetings. I am sure I will enjoy this site
  3. We used to have the record for chain Pickerel until it was topped in Georgia. Came from Pine Barrens. Can get 30"= Toothy Critters on a 6 wt. ....loads of fun.....And, Oh...so I should save the coffee can to put the nightcrawlers in? LOL
  4. don't know about the lizards but I know the bugs are. My motorcycle helmet can attest to that. (And excuse me site administrator, but I am NOT no "Bait Fisherman" )
  5. Hello all. I'm a retired old geezer that lurks among the Jersey Pines , fly rod in hand, in search of toothy critters. Love tying flies. .
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