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  1. After reading this article and viewing photos, I realized that I miss my old friend more than I thought. He was a wonderful old man who also was engaged in writing and biology. He worked for about a year in the writing service edu birdie and I always ordered my work on this service, because I knew that if I asked for that from him personally, he would refuse any gratitude, but I wanted his work to be paid for. He died recently, so I miss him and the things he wrote. I hope you find someone who will support your friend.
  2. There are billions of other applicants that can manage with the job. If you want to be the only one person who will get it, you have to use marketing technology and show yourself as a brand. Are you sure you can do that? If I were you I would let professionals do the job.Those guys really know the resume writing better. They can convince the HR manager then you are the right person.
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