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  1. Well I opened my much anticipated HMH TRV Exhibition Model Vise, which was a Christmas present from my wife, and to say the least I was a little surprised and disappointed in the quality of the cast jaws. We use a lot of size 20's when midge fishing in my part of ther country and working on a size 20 would be difficult. My current vise is the Renzetti Master Series and to be honest you can't begin to compare them. I do understand the difference between a machined vs. cast jaws but I thought the finish would have been much better considering the cost is almost equivalant to the Renzetti Master. For years I have tied on the Renzetti's from the Traveler, Presentation 4000 and now the Master and the only jaws that the HMH could even compare to is the Traveler. It's just one guys opinion but I think the reason you don't see this vise in shops is because they could never get $690.00 for it if you had the time to get your hands on it. I have been following this thread for a while now and brazzer's comments on the vise brought him a lot of greif but I do agree with his review of the vise. This vise is NOT a cheaper option to the LAW which is what I was hoping it would be. If HMH would ever offer machined jaws (price is indicitive of a machined jaw) then the high price tag may be worth it.
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