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  1. For whatever reason it got uploaded sideways. Rides hook up, made from what few materials I have. Took it over to the local pond to see if it swims well, and I like the action. Gets a nice side to side motion, and rides a couple inches off the bottom. I think if I really tweak the colors it could make a good bluegill fry imitation.
  2. Hey all, I just joined, after having been given a fly tying kit for Christmas. After a few San Juan works and a wooly bugger, I decided to try something a bit more complex. This is based on the lunch money pattern, tweaked a bit based on the materials I have, and the colors that have had luck for me in the past. This fly tying thing is pretty fun, and I plan on expanding my fly arsenal greatly in the coming months! Critiques welcome, thanks for having me!
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