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  1. The Rio Outbound Short is too heavy a line to use with a moderate or moderate-fast action rod of the same weight designation. I use a 10 weight Outbound Short intermediate on my 10 weight Sage RPLX rod and it works pretty well but the RPLX is a fast or very fast action rod that needs to be over-lined to load properly. The grain weight of my Outbound Short is 425 grains, which is the equivalent of a 12 or 13 weight standard line. For a moderate action 9 weight rod you should probably stick with a standard 9 weight line (or under-line with a Rio Outbound Short -- 7 or 8 weight perhaps, depending on how much flex your particular rod has.) The other thing about the Outbound Short is that it casts like a shooting head so you should only have a few feet of running line outside of the rod tip when you make your cast. If you have more than a few feet of running line outside the rod tip it will totally mess up your cast. I find the Outbound Short useful for punching casts into the wind and it seems like we have a lot of windy days where I fish in coastal New England. But I think you need to be careful about matching the weight of the line with the flex / action of your rod. (I wonder if the the whole line weight designation thing should be dropped and if rod manufacturers should just specify the range of grain weights that a rod is built to handle.)
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